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  • Sapienza University of Rome (CEMAS-Research centre) is a partner of Progetto SAGESSE. 
  • The SAGESSE project, Improving Governance in the Higher Education System in Tunisia, co-funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ program, aims at modernizing the Higher Education system in Tunisia by strengthening its quality assurance system, governance mechanisms and result based funding.
  • By promoting universities autonomy mostly in financial terms but also in terms of academic and human resources, the project will improve graduates’ employability and promote innovation and research.
  • SAGESSE contributes to the Tunisian higher education system reform process for improving the university governance and autonomy. The strategic plan for the Tunisian higher education and scientific reform (2015-2025) focuses on the autonomy as one of the key measures for the success of the reform. It considers the good governance promotion as one of its 5 main objectives for an academic, pedagogic, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy.

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