Res Urbis Project

CIABC is the leader of the RES URBIS European project, coordinated by prof. Mauro Majone.

The project, which began on January 1st, 2017, lasts three years and has been funded for approximately 3 million euros (Grant Agreement 730349).

The overall objective of the project is to integrate into a single facility and to use one main technology chain for the conversion of several types of urban bio-wastes into valuable bio-based products, while also minimizing any residual or consequent waste to be disposed of.




The Research Center for Applied Sciences to the safeguard of Environment and Cultural Heritage (CIABC) is an integrated network of skills and services whose mission is the development and the promotion of research and innovation in the fields  of environmental safeguard and of the knowledge related to cultural heritage

schema attività

The CIABC activity is organized according to the following guidelines:

  1. Development of collaboration networks characterized by continuous exchange of expertise and technology. The Centre has own expertise to the development of innovative systems and methods dedicated to the preservation of the environment and cultural heritage;
  2. The Centre promotes the development of business and scientific research that are applicable to technological advances of interest of SMEs;
  3. The Centre promotes cooperation between the Center itself (through its activities and skills) and national and international institutions working in the field of environmental protection and cultural heritage;
  4. The Centre promotes initiatives aimed at upgrading the environment, the enhancement of sites of archaeological interest (outdoor), the structures dedicated to the preservation of indoor cultural heritage (museums and exhibition spaces);
  5. The Centre provides skills that would otherwise be hardly available, through the sharing of innovation and professionals projects,  with theoretical knowledge and significant complementary experiences.
  6. The Center gathers 53 professors from six departments: Environmental biology, Charles Darwin biology and biotechnologies, Chemistry, Physics, Basic and applied sciences for Engineering, Earth sciences.


Bando collaborazione esterna

Bando di collaborazione esterna - Analisi palinologiche su campioni di sedimento provenienti da sondaggi realizzati nell’area del Foglio Geologico 348 Antrodoco e nel Bacino intermontano di Montereale, AQ