Education and Training

The Center promotes different educational activities and scientific and technological co-operation, according to the following points:

  • Training of students and graduates in the field of environmental protection and cultural heritage, promoting university training courses for first degrees, graduate and postgraduate;
  • Promoting and coordinating the establishment of a PhD in "Research for the studies on environmental protection and cultural heritage";
  • Proposing the organization of seminars and workshops on topics related to his "mission";
  • Promoting the production of scientific publications and patents which cover the themes dictated by the research lines that characterize the center;
  • Promoting and activating  scientific collaborations with qualified research groups nationally and internationally active in the field of the protection of  environment and cultural heritage;
  • Obtaining funding for research through the proposition of scientific interest research projects, technology and industry, to be presented at national and international level;
  • Promoting research collaborations with industrial partners;
  • Providing  scientific expertise for specific third-party account activities.