The research lines developed by the Center since its inception are related to the themes

of which are representatives of the faculty and researchers who have joined the Scientific Council.


Researches concerning environmental protection:


Plant pathogenic organisms, role and inhibition of some proteins.

Prof. Bellincampi


Monitoring of aerosols, polar atmosphere and precipitation - LIDAR, Sonar, Radiometry.

Prof. Cacciani


Geothermal, undersea gas plumes, CO2 storage, ecosystem effects.

Prof. Bouché


Energy from food waste biomass, enzymatic hydrolysis, genetic modification.

Prof. Cervone


Monitoring columnar ozone and ultraviolet radiation by Brewer spectrophotometry.

Effects of atmospheric composition on health.

Prof. Siani


Reconstruction of plant landscapes and climate of the past.

Prof. Magrì and Sadori


Processes of treatment and valorisation of waste with production of biopolymers and/or

biofuels (methane, hydrogen), bioremediation processes of contaminated groundwater.

Prof. Majone


Polymers and nanostructured metal particles for the construction of chemical sensors

for gas pollutants (CO, NOx, H2S, etc.) and for enzyme  immobilization (biosensors).

Prof. Russo



Researches concerning cultural heritage:


Environmental landscape, restoration, diagnostic analysis of materials.

Prof. Fanelli


Porous systems in cultural heritage, water exchanges, in situ NMR.

Prof. De Luca


Vibrational spectroscopy (IR, MicroRaman) for determination of compounds of

environmental  interest and characterization of degradation processes of cultural heritage.

Prof. Dore, Lupi, Nucara, Postorino


Characterization of the microclimate in confined environments.

Prof. Siani


Plant Remains (pollen, seeds, fruits, wood) in archaeological contexts.

Prof. Magrì and Sadori