SUMESLAND Summer School

The main aim of the SUMESLAND Summer School is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to education, with innovative teaching and learning methods, focusing on European island landscape and cultural heritage studies. Sumesland will help to dissiminate the know-how acquired from the ESLAND Project of the EC Cultural Programme, and to support the implementation of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. During the course, theory on landscape history, character, identity and scenarios will be taught, and e-tools and information technologies (i.e. GIS) will be demonstrated. Through the exchange of teaching practices, knowledge on island landscape and cultural heritage will be enhanced. In this way cooperation and mobility between European Universities involved in this emerging research field will be facilitated. This Summer School, moreover, in covering the current gap in European island landscape and cultural heritage studies, aims to support the career development of the participating students. Sumesland will provide them with qualitative training and introduce them to new tools, giving them skills which facilitate future possible employment in sectors such as landscape design and planning, heritage conservation, tourism and information technologies.