TUCKER Jane Heathfield

Alphabet split for 2nd-year LCLT students II SEMESTER

Canale 2B (Tucker) Monday 17-19, Thursday 13-15, access code for GClassroom: j33et5p
janeheathfield.tucker@uniroma1.it (LCLT2 coordinator)
Canale 2C (Bilardello) Tuesday 15-17, Friday 13-15, access code for GClassroom: vfyady3
Canale 2D (Rossi) Monday 15-17, Thursday 13-15, access code for GClassroom: n6qdjdv

COURSE INFORMATION for 2nd year LCLT - see attachment: GUIDA 2021-2022_LCLT2.docx


Alphabet split for 3rd-year LCLT students:

3A  (A - D)  -  Margaret Horrigan

3B  (E - M)  - Nicholas Toll

3C  (N - Z)  - Jane Heathfield Tucker - students in this canale are invited to join the GClassroom group: Lettorato 3 LCLT canale 3C (N-Z) 2021-2022; access code: log7vlv  All information pertaining to the course will be published here.

COURSE INFORMATION for 3rd-year LCLT students - see attachment: Guida_LETTORATO III aa 21_22.pdf



Students requesting to change group firstly need to find a student from one of the other groups to swap with then send an email to the teacher of their original group copying it to the teacher of the proposed group (do NOT send two separate emails), explaining the precise reason (subject clash with days/times) for the change and whether English is their first or second language. This must be done within the first FOUR lessons of the semester. Teachers will confirm the change after reviewing timetable options and class sizes

Group changes for 3rd year - students MUST complete the request form at this link:

Group swap requests: https://forms.gle/fUGe8ZU6qe5mAVPU8



THURSDAY  17-17.30  in presenza  at  Marco Polo, stanza 203 (stanza dei lettori di lingua inglese)

FRIDAY 10.30-12.00 online at this link (by appointment - please send an email to book a time): 


Meeting ID: 879 9565 0749

Passcode: 067985


2021-2022 GUIDA di Lingua e Traduzione Inglese (complete version) - please see attachment







There will be no ricevimento today (Thursday, 5th May), nor during the last week of May.
Upcoming dates for ricevimento are as follows:
Fri 06/05 (already fully booked)
Thur 12/05
Fri 13/05
Thur 19/05
Fri 20/05
Fri 03/06
Once the exams begin, there will be no further ricevimento, except for visione compiti after each exam.


RICEVIMENTO - II semester: Thursday at Marco Polo 17.00-17.30; Friday online by appointment: 10.30-12.00 - see link above

RESULTS LCLT3 Lettorato exam NOVEMBER 2021 - please see attachment

RESULTS LCLT3 September 2021 - please see attachment

RESULTS Laureandi LCLT3 September 2021 - please see attachment. Appointments for visione compiti by email.

LCLT3 RESULTS July 2021 - please see attachment 










LCLT2 Lettorato exam 6th June 2022 - please see attachment for enrolment dates & other information


Please see attachment for results LCLT3 April 2022

LCLT3 exam 9 April - see pdf attachment for further information: Notice 2 April 2022

SESSIONE STRAORDINARIA - 09 April 2022 - LCLT2 and LCLT3 - see attachments

Here is the link for LCLT2 (enrolments 21-31 March) https://forms.gle/UdmsECvNMvacYsKB8


RESULTS LCLT3 February 2022 - see attachment (LCLT3 FEB 2022 PUBLIC.pdf)   Visione compiti: Friday, 18th February 2022 at 11.00. Please send an email to book a specific time.


For information & enrolment link for the third-year lettorato exam on Thursday, 3rd February 2022, please see attachment: LCLT3 ANNOUNCEMENT FEB 22


RESULTS LCLT3 exam held on 13th January 2022 - see attachment. If you wish to see/discuss your paper, please book at time at ricevimento via email (Fridays at 11.00, except for exam weeks).

Information about the II appello sessione invernale (3rd February 2022) will be published tomorrow.


LCLT2 sessione invernale II appello: Monday, 31st January 2022 at 15.00

Bookings: 17 - 26 January 2022.  Here is the link for enrolments:  https://forms.gle/22ULizJDnmpD9dSx8


LCLT 3 Thursday, 13th January 2022


The exam will be held on the following date: 

• Thursday 13th January at 14:00

Once bookings have closed, students will be provided with further details on our CLA pages.

• Bookings open online: Monday, January 3rd at 12.00

• Bookings close: Monday, January 10th  at 12.00

Here is the LIINK for enrolments: BOOKING FORM: https://forms.gle/hWG6sX47xCZk8MTm9

FURTHER INFORMATION - please see attachments (1) LCLT3 exam 13th January 2022; (2) online exam procedure 2022



LCLT2 Monday, 10th January 2022 at 15.00 in presenza

Bookings online: 20th December 2021 - 3rd January 2022. Please see attachments for further information & for the sample paper: (1) Notice LCLT2 winter session; (2) Sample Paper

Here is the link:  https://forms.gle/HTkB2etjzVdhjFHw9



SESSIONE STRAORDINARIA - November 2021 - open to laureandi, studenti fuori corso & lavoratori ONLY

LCLT3 - please see attachment for information about the exam and for the link to enrol: LCLT3 exam_NOV 2021_info for STUDENTS

LCLT3 information about the exam on Saturday, 6th November

------------------IN PRESENZA-----------------

LCLT 3 Exam

Saturday 6 November

laboratorio CLA 03, orario 9-13 

Please have your ID document and Infostud details
ready to display on the day

Bring a pen, pencil and eraser as a precautionary measure


LCLT 3 Exam

Saturday 6 November 9am

Please have your ID document, online eligibility and Infostud details
ready to display on the day

Read the online exam procedure document BEFORE the exam day - see attachment: LCLT3 ONLINE EXAM PROCEDURE

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 9431 7492
Passcode: 183357


LCLT2 - please see the attachments for information about the exam and how to enrol: (1) LCLT2 Lettorato exam_NOV 2021_std information  (2) LCLT2_Sample Exam_November 2021. Here is the link to enrol: 

2nd year extraordinary session link: https://forms.gle/wKDy9M3kfY9A4qnaA


riservati agli studenti fuori corso, ripetenti, lavoratori, portatori di disabilità alle studentesse madri e agli studenti padri con figlio/i di età inferiore a tre anni, nonché alle studentesse in stato di gravidanza (il fatto di trovarsi in una delle condizioni previste potrà essere attestato attraverso un’autocertificazione resa dall’interessato: scarica modello: https://www.lettere.uniroma1.it/sites/default/files/modello-autocertificazione.pdf); il primo appello è esteso ai laureandi della sessione straordinaria a.a. 2019-20 e della II sessione di laurea 2020-21; il secondo appello è esteso ai laureandi della IV sessione di laurea 2020-21.


For results of the LCLT3 September 2021 exam, please see AVVISI

SEPTEMBER 2021 Lettorato Exams - second year and third year - please see attachments:

1.  LCLT2_INFO_September 2021

2.  LCLT3 Lettorato Exam_INFO_SEPTEMBER 2021










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