Identity and social change

This session aims to present and discuss theoretical and research contributions concerning identity and its multiple social declinations. It is an issue that, present in many disciplines, can be investigated from different perspectives, which allows us to increase our understanding of this vast and complex area of ​​interest. Moreover, in a century characterized by globalization and hypermediation, in which social change appears frenetic and rapid and inter-and intra-group relations seem to follow ever-changing social "rules", it seems more appropriate than ever to question the concept of "identity".

For this reason, we intend to promote an interdisciplinary debate that takes into consideration the political, social, media and cultural relevance of this issue and that helps reflect the responsibilities we hold when, adopting a specific perspective, we implement and disclose our research practices. Theoretical, applied, intervention, qualitative, quantitative, experimental and case studies contributions will be accepted. The proposals may concern, though not exclusively, the following topics:

  • Analysis and dynamics of family behaviour;
  • Religion and spirituality;
  • Gender and sexuality;
  • Youth lifestyles.