Government bodies of the Centre are:

-        Director

-        Steering Committee

-        Scientific Technical Committee


The Director is selected by the Directors of Departments constituting the Centre among Professors belonging to these Departments. 

Procedures for Director selection are activated by the oldest of the department directors . The Director of the Center is a professor with particularly significant curriculum in areas of interest of the center and scientific qualification.

His appointment is arranged by the Rector .

The Steering Committe has the functions of coordinating and managing the Centre. It is appointed by the Rector.

The Steering Committe is composed by the Directors of the Department constituting the Centre or by Professors of these Departments.

The Scientific Technical Committee is composed by members of the Steering Committe, by professors, technicians and administrative staff participating to the Centre activities.

PhD students and Contract Researchers working in the Centre can participate to the meetings of the Scinetific Technical Committee, without voting.

The Scientific Technical Committee provides suggestions and indications to the Steering Committee concenring research lines, research programs, technical and scinetific services that the Centre can provide on the basis of its specific skills and expertize.


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