• Only valid for Coris courses in communication and cooperation
From 15 November 2023 and until 30 May 2024 it will be possible to fill in the study plan for the academic year 2023/2024.
You can start to attend the courses you prefer which you will then insert in the study plan when it will be possible. 
Compiling the study plan is mandatory for all students enrolled starting from the academic year 2011-2012; therefore all fisrt year students of the academic year 2023/2024 and all the students enrolled in previous years who have not yet done it are invited to fulfil this obligation for the given period of time.
As a rule, it is possible to complete the study plan only once for each academic year, except for particular cases authorized by the President of the degree programme. You are therefore invited to read this document to the end, fill in the study plan with no hurry and send it for approval only when you are sure of the choices you have made.
Students who have completed the plan in previous years and wish to make changes for the academic year 2023/2024 can proceed directly to a new compilation, always respecting the time frame and therefore not before November 15th.
Once the plan for the academic year 2023/24 has been completed and the approval has been obtained, any further and inevitable changes in the same academic year will only be possible with the authorization of the President of the degree programme.
To this end, the student must request the cancellation of the study plan already approved by sending an email from the personal institutional account to (for students enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree programme) or to (if enrolled in a Master’s degree programme).
In the cancellation request, students must indicate: name, surname, student number, reason for the request and specify exactly which subjects they intend to remove and with which subjects they intend to replace them.
If the reason is considered valid, the President will accept the request for change, the Student Affairs Office will proceed with the cancellation and the student will be able to fill in a new plan. It is not possible to request changes to study plans during exam sessions, for any reason.

Once you cancel it, the new plan must always be recompiled in the time frame indicated.
If the cancellation, for exceptional reasons, happens outside the time period indicated, the student will be able to recompile the plan only with the assistance of the Educational Affairs Office, which will be contacted well in advance to define a special appointment.
It is absolutely not possible to make the plan by phone or with urgent requests submitted by email.
Before compiling, please read the following instructions carefully.
Why make the study plan?
Creating a study plan is essential to view and book optional or free choice courses on Infostud.
How to create a study plan?
• Connect to Infostud and enter your personal page;
• enter “Degree Courses” (Corsi di Laurea);
• in the menu on the left, click on the training course (percorso formativo);
• click on go to “study plan”;
• at the bottom of the page that opens, click on “create a new study plan” (crea un nuovo piano di studi)  and create it;
if the page shows you the "individual training path" option (percorso formativo individuale), you do not have to select it, but you must choose "Curricular" (Curriculare);
• select the one you prefer among the optional exams that the plan offers you;
• in the box "courses chosen by the student" (insegnamenti a scelta dello studente) you will have to enter the exam, or exams, that you intend to take as an activity of your choice.

  • it is absolutely not possible to insert as an optional exam one (delivered in any department of the Sapienza University) that has the same epigraph or an exam already taken or in any case present in one's Bachelor’s or Master's Programme, even if with a number of different credits (for example, if a course of study includes contemporary history with 6 credits, you cannot include and take contemporary history with 9 credits or a similar exam among the activities of your choice);
  • Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the cancellation of the exam by the Student Affairs Office during the final career verification phase before graduation, even if the unauthorized exams have already been taken and recorded.
  • As regards the credits at students' choice, it is not possible to insert the generic item “activity chosen by the student” in the study plan even if it appears among the possible options; instead, the exact courses that are intended to be taken as elective exams must be entered.
  • The exams that you can take as an elective activity in the course must necessarily be taught in the academic year in which the study plan is completed. Eventually, if you intend to modify them, you can then do so in subsequent years.
  • You can choose to include courses from your own course of study that you did not foresee because they are optional (recommended by the department); or, using the "advanced search" function, you can choose from all the courses provided in any other degree programme of the University, by typing the exact name of the course you want or by searching by keywords.
  •  Three-year students will be able to enter only three-year course exams. Master's students will be able to enter both master's and three-year exams, as long as they are obviously not already taken in their previous career, under penalty of cancellation.
NOTICE: if you decide to include in the plan exams of other departments and faculties, you will have to pay close attention to the teaching code and the course code, informing you at the department that delivers the course chosen, to be sure that you have identified the exact code provided in the year in progress, otherwise you will not be able to correctly view the exam sessions.
In the event of problems with incorrect verbalizations, lack of exams or any other problem that arises with the professors, the Coris Educational Affairs Office will not be able to intervene and help you solve any problems, and you will necessarily have to refer to the Student Affairs Office of the degree courses that deliver the course itself.
For these reasons, although we reiterate that you are free to choose any course provided within our University, we recommend that you preferably orient yourself towards the teachings of the Coris courses: often the regulations of the other Faculties are different, the didactic calendars are planned in different periods, and you will not always be able to find useful sessions, because the sessions may not coincide with our graduation deadlines. Finally, it should be considered that prerequisites may be required.
If you have to take a total of 9 credits of your choice, you can select: a single course of 9 credits or a course of 6 credits and one of 3 (although actually there aren’t that many in the Sapienza catalogue).
You can also choose exams whose sum of the corresponding credits exceeds the maximum number of credits of your choice by a maximum of 3 credits (if your plan provides for the inclusion of 9 credits of your choice, you can enter 12 at most; if you have 12, you can enter 15 at most, etc.).
In the study plans relating to the academic year 2023/2024, both of the three-year and master's degree courses, regardless of the year of enrollment, students will not be able to include credits from internships or traineeships among the credits of their choice, not even in addition to the number of credits required in the programmes, as with D.R. N. 2033 of 03/08/2018, the possibility was introduced to carry out an extracurricular internship during the course of study, which we recall must provide for a mandatory monthly allowance, paid by the company to the intern (for any activation, contact to the Internship Office of the Department).
After creating the study plan, the system will show you if it is correct, otherwise you can use the "abc" function that you find at the top left, and the system will show you which inconsistencies it has found.
  • If the proposed study plan is correct, but you have not yet decided to send it, click on save in draft (if you wish, you can save more than one study plan in draft).
  • Once you have chosen the desired study plan among those saved in the draft, you can finally send it to the evaluator for the validation request, and you will have to:
  • click on the send button;
  • click on the button request approval of the study plan.

The system will ask you to confirm the sending. Also click on confirm sending otherwise the plan will remain in the draft state and will not reach the commission for approval.

The approval of the study plan is subject to its evaluation by a commission of professors and, considering that there are hundreds of requests, the expected waiting time to obtain a response from the commission (refusal/approval of the plan) is on average about 3/4 days.

Furthermore, after the approval of the course, a further 24/48 hours are required for the gomp and infostud IT platforms to align and allow the student to view the information on Infostud (dates and bookings of the exams) of the courses included in the new study plan.

For this reason, students are invited to plan changes in time based on booking deadlines and not to send "urgent requests" for cancellation and/or approval of the study plan close to the deadlines themselves, since it will not be physically possible to meet such requests.

For further clarifications, contact the Educational Affairs Office for the three-year programmes; for Master's programmes.

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