Maria Paola Faggiano
Maria Paola Faggiano
Tel: (+39) 06 49918417
Location: Ground Floor, Via Salaria 113

Maria Paola Faggiano, born in Galatina (Le) on 11-04-1977, is a type B Researcher (RtdB). She has been the Scientific Director of CorisLab since 2011 (between 2007 and 2010 she directed RismesLab). In 2000 she graduated in Sociology from Sapienza, University of Rome and in May 2004 she was awarded a PhD in Methodology of Social Sciences. She carries out research, as well as training activities, and has published numerous essays, papers and books on methodology and sociology. She teaches General Sociology and Methodology of Social Research (9 cfu) at the Degree Course in Social Service (CLaSS).

The Scientific Director of CorisLab:

  • Carries out specialised consultancies to CoRiS professors, students, postgraduates, PhD candidates on the topics of: survey planning; design and testing of survey instruments; sampling plan; organising data; analysing data; reporting
  • Organises and promotes the statistic-methodological courses offered by CorisLab (also offered to people outside of the department) on the themes of empirical research and data analysis softwares
  • carries out laboratory-based training activities of statistical-methodological nature at CorisLab
  • participates in empirical research activities within University projects or on behalf of third parties
  • carries out laboratory-based teaching within the Ph.D. Programme in Communication, Social Research and Marketing 
  • Is the activity coordinator at the Electoral Sociology Observatory (coordinator: Prof. C. Lombardo) at CoRiS




Adriano Perri
Adriano Perri – LabCom Manager
Tel: (+39) 06 49918525
Location: First floor, Via Salaria 113
Adriano Perri, born in Lamezia Terme in July 1981 has been the Administrative Manager of Labcom since the 21st of November 2018. Adriano has worked at Sapienza since 2007 and is currently part of the Student Affairs office at Coris, and is also the administrative coordinator of the orientation and tutoring service. 

The Administrative Manager of Labcom:

  • Plans and organizes the lab’s activities
  • Ensures the equipment is working
  • Monitors procedures and analysis methods
  • Compile systematic reports on activities within the lab

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