The Internship Office takes care of all the activities related to placement, research, and activation of internships for students (aimed at the acquisition of credits required by the study plan) and extracurricular (post-graduates) of the courses of the Department of Communication and Social Research – Sapienza University of Rome. 
ADDRESS: Via Salaria, 113 - 00198 Roma, first floor, room B4 
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 14.30-16.00 - Thursday 10.00-13.00. TELEPHONE 0649918501 - FAX 0649918487
Due to the Covid-19 emergency, office hours are suspended, the office receives via meet, upon request; you can send an email from the student's Sapienza institutional email address to 
Internship Credit Recognition Request
Students enrolled in the master's degree in Development and International Cooperation Sciences
Please note: Students enrolled before the academic year 2013/2014 must apply to the Department of Political Science.
Internships must be activated according to the procedures indicated on this page and in the following link:  
It is also possible to obtain the credits for internship also through the following other activities:
  • the national voluntary civil service;
  • internal internship in the Department structures (ONLY IN SOME CASES) (library, laboratories, etc.);
  • job at a qualified level (whose duties are at least at the level of an undergraduate degree), duly proven by a regular employment contract (permanent, temporary or project-based);
  • collaboration scholarship held at Sapienza University of Rome;
  • voluntary activities.
The aforementioned activities may allow acquiring the credits only if the students have completed them after the enrollment in the master's degree.
Volunteering activities must be previously authorized by prof. Marco Cilento. The authorization can be obtained by writing to  and in CC to
In order to obtain the internship credits, you must complete the request on this web page using ONLY your “Sapienza” institutional email address (  , attaching all the necessary documentation online as appropriate:
  • for work activity: copy of the employment contract and the last pay slip (hiding sensitive data that are not essential for the purpose of recognizing credits for internships);
  • for the voluntary national civil service: copy of the final certificate;
  • for internships, both internal and external
  1. copy of the training project:
  2. the receipt of completion of the final evaluation questionnaire, to be completed on this web page:
  3. the receipt of the final evaluation of the company tutor's questionnaire (the Internship office will send the final evaluation company questionnaire to the tutor, once completed from him/her, you will receive the receipt from the Internship office and you have to upload it with the documentation listed from points 1 to 3).
  • collaboration scholarship; copy of the contract and of the signature sheets or declaration of the manager of the host structure;
  • voluntary activities; the certificate of volunteer work containing the number of hours and the activities carried out.
Pay Attention: The final certificate for voluntary activities (issued by the company/organization/institution/association) must indicate:
- Total number of hours (80 hours for 2 credits/ECTS; 120 hours for 3 credits/ECTS; 150 for 6 credits/ECTS)
- Period of time (from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)
- Specific tasks carried out as volunteer
- Date of issue, the signature of the supervisor, and the organization’s stamp.
To carry out a curricular internship, a student must ensure that the company is registered on and has an agreement with the Sapienza University of Rome.
  1. Click on: enter your username and password, log in and publish your curriculum vitae (select the degree course from the drop-down menu that appears in the " istruzione e formazione alla voce/education and training under " corso di studi/degree programmes");
Pay Attention: select the degree programme " Cooperazione internazionale e sviluppo/International cooperation and development (Laurea triennale/Bachelor's degree D.M. n. 270/2004)" or " Scienze dello sviluppo e della cooperazione internazionale/Development and International Cooperation Sciences (Laurea Magistrale/Master's degree D.M. n. 270/2004)"
  1. Research for the internships available on: "RESEARCH INTERNSHIP", (Filter: Sapienza University of Rome/ Area: Communication) and proceed with the application to the internship opportunities proposed by the companies, or apply for an internship in the "RESEARCH COMPANIES" menu (Filter " agreements with Sapienza ") to companies where you want to carry out an internship;
  2. Make sure that the company accepts the application or self-application on Soul, creates and sends the internship training project on Soul for approval;
  3. Wait for the draft of the project (which will arrive from Soul on the e-mail address entered in the CV) to be submitted via email to the coordinator professor of the degree programme to be viewed (the professor will be indicated by the internship office in the email );
  4. The internship office will approve the training project and send to the student, via email, the project to be signed;
  5. The intern must send the training project signed by him and the company tutor via email to the internship office
Pay Attention: during the COVID-19 EMERGENCY you will also have to choose the method of carrying out the internship (it can be carried out either totally remotely or in blended mode; half hours remotely and half in-person). The office will send to the student, together with the project, the forms to be signed for the choice of the modalities of the internship (remotely or in-person)
  1. The internship and the related insurance coverage will be activated from the day after receipt of the signed document or, if the internship start date is after the delivery date, from the same day indicated on the project.
Pay Attention that credits for internships cannot be recognized if not activated according to the procedures indicated above.
At the end of the internship, write an email to the internship office communicating the end of the internship and the office will send the credit request methods. 

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