Colloquium on
The Quality of Political Institutions in Europe: Economic Perspectives in an Interdisciplinary Cross-Examination
June 14-16, 2015
Villa Vigoni - Centro Italo-Tedesco | Via Giulio Vigoni, 1 - 22017 Loveno di Menaggio (CO)

The project of European integration is currently losing some momentum, not only due to the acute fiscal problems posed by the aftermath of the financial crisis, but also due to more fundamental issues associated with its current institutional framework. This Colloquium will serve as a forum to discuss which the most pressing problems of political institutions in the European Union are today, and which solutions can be identified to address them.
The papers presented in the Colloquium are mostly authored by economists, who take a politico-economic perspective and apply methods from both theoretical and empirical economics to analyze political decision-making processes and institutions. These papers are critically discussed by an interdisciplinary panel which includes political scientists, sociologists, political philosophers, and also some economists.
Our aim is to initiate an international and interdisciplinary debate on possible future improvements of the European institutional framework.

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