There is a wide range of issues involving constitutional and institutional design and reform currently facing the countries of Europe, and Europe at large Public Choice analysis has, we believe, much to contribute to the study of these issues.

The European Center for the Study of Public Choice is dedicated to promoting and pursuing such study.

The Center will operate as a network of European and other scholars interested in contributing to the Center's areas of interest, with its organizational hub located at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy.

In focussing attention on European constitutional/institutional issues, the Center expresses the convic-tion that public choice scholarship can usefully be extended by studying a wider range of institutional arrangements than apply in the U.S. (and which lie implicit in much of the standard public choice theory).

The Center is committed to the principle of communicating with the complete range of relevant audiences - including where relevant the general public.

The Center is open to all scholars in the relevant field who are professionally active and will promote work of all kinds subject only to standard scientific criteria. In particular, the Center is ideologically uncommitted.

The Center is particularly interested in encouraging new areas and styles of work, and innovative ideas in the public choice area.

The Center is specifically open to, and seeks to encourage young scholars in the area.


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