Toxicology Curriculum

The PhD program in Toxicology has a dual aim of (1) advancing scientific knowledge on the effects of the exposure to natural and synthetic toxicants, and (2) preparing students to become independent future scientists in this field.

The Program is housed within the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, where students will be trained to meet both aims by actively participating in the several research projects carried out at the Department itself and in other research centers that collaborate with the Department. Moreover, the research activity will be paralleled by highly specialized lectures and seminars offered by the academic staff of Sapienza University and by international academic guests invited by the Department.


The major research projects carried out in the Department focus on the following subjects:

- Neurofunctional teratogenesis of psychotropic drugs and toxicants (neurochemical, behavioral and electrophysiological evaluations in animal models);

- Mechanism of action of environmental toxicants;

- Toxicological characterization of novel drugs (biochemical and molecular toxicology);

- Preclinical and clinical evaluation of the metabolism of the drugs of abuse;

- Preclinical studies on the abuse potential of doping agents.


Ideally, successful candidates should be young graduates with an excellent education track, a strong commitment to develop as independent investigators and good knowledge of English language. One or more publications on high quality international journals, with a demonstrated active involvement in the work, would be highly appreciated.

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