Laboratorio di Compatibilità Elettromagnetica II-Nano

Personale strutturato

Maria Sabrina Sarto
Professore ordinario

Ruolo: Responsabile scientifico

tel: 0644585542
sito personale:

Alessio Tamburrano
Professore associato
Ruolo: Responsabile Tecnico per misure elettriche, EM ed elettromeccaniche
tel: 0644585803
Giovanni De Bellis
Professore associato
Ruolo:  Responsabile e Preposto alla Sicurezza
tel: 0644585771
Altro personale autorizzato:
Nome: Alessandro Giuseppe D’Aloia
Qualifica: Assistant Professor (RTDB)
tel: 0644585771
Nome: Bidsorkhi Hossein Cheraghi
Qualifica: Assistant Professor (RTDA)
tel: 0644585533
Nome: Fabrizio Marra
Qualifica: Tecnico di laboratorio
tel: 0644585517
Nome: Marco Fortunato
Qualifica: Assistant Professor (RTDA)
tel: 0644585528
Descrizione del laboratorio
The EMC2-Nano Laboratory of the Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering (DIAEE) of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" is located in Via delle Sette Sale 12B, Rome, Italy, close to the Church of S. Pietro in Vincoli. The Lab was established in 2006 to promote scientific research and support EMC learning activities. Prof. Maria Sabrina Sarto has been the laboratory Director since 2006. The Lab, initially founded to process nanomaterials and nanocomposite for the development of devices for EMC applications, is now provided with instruments for full mechanical and electrical characterization of materials and elctromechanical characterization of piezorestive sensors/devices. The available equipment allows tests in the frequency range from DC to 67 GHz. The lab is also equipped with microscopies for optical imaging and machining of the produced materials and devices.
Many research activities, carried out in the EMC Lab are related to research programs financed by national and international institutions, research institutes or industries. Moreover, the Lab supports exercitations for several classes of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrotechnics of different engineering courses (Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Nanotechnology Engineering).
Instruments and test-fixtures
Precision three axes saw
Model: Remet Secotron 200
Main Characteristics:
- Wheel diameter: 200mm
- Total power: 2800 W
- Rotation speed: 0-3600 rpm
- Longitudinal travel range: 200 mm
- Transverse travel range: 50 mm
- Table speed: 135 mm/min
- Precision cutting of hard and brittle samples
- Precision sectioning of solid samples


Dual platen grinder/polisher
Model: Buehler Metaserv 3000
Main Characteristics
- Platen diameter: 254 mm
- Platen speed: 50 to 500 rpm
- Water Supply Pressure: 1-2 bar
- Water Supply Flow:2 liters/min 
- Grinding and polishing of mildly hard to extremely hard samples


Dual Range Analytical balance
Model: Mettler Toledo MS205DU
Main Characteristics:
- Lower range capacity: 82g
- Higher range capacity: 220g
- Fine range readability: 0.01 mg
- Gross range readability: 0.1 mg
- Repeatability: 0.08 mg
- Internal calibration weight
- Fast settling time and consistent results for routine to complicated weighing procedures 


Magnetic stirring hot-plate
Model: IKA C-Mag HS4
Main Characteristics:
- Speed range: 100 - 1500 rpm
- Maximum stirring volume: 5 L
- Heating temperature range: 50 - 500 °C
- Heating rate heating plate: 2.5 K/min
- Stirring of large quantities of liquid mixtures (up to 5 L)
- Heating with/without simultaneous stirring up to 500 °C
High shear mixer
Model 1: IKA T 18 digital Ultra Turrax
Main Characteristics:
- Volume range min. (H2O): 0.001 L
- Volume range max. (H2O): 1.5 L
- Viscosity max.: 5000 mPas
- Speed range: 3000 - 25000 rpm
- Dispersion of a wide range of colloidal systems
- Homogenization, emulsification or suspension
Mechanical overhead stirrer with torque control
Model: Heidolph RZR 2102 Control
Main Characteristics:
- Lower speed range: 12-400 rpm
- Higher speed range:  60-2000 rpm
- Maximum torque (overload mode): 200 (400) Ncm
- Maximum viscosity: 100000 mPas
- Maximum stirring capacity: 100 L
- Constant speed under variable load conditions
- Stirring of low to high viscosity liquids at constant speed
Vacuum-pressure diaphragm pump
Model: Millipore  WP6122050
Main Characteristics:
- Flow Rate: 37L/min 
- Max. Vacuum: 813mbar
- Max. Pressure: 2.45 bar
- Chemical resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals, solvents and vapors
- Vacuum filtration
- Compressed air supply for applications requiring a max pressure of 2.45 bar 
Forced air circulation laboratory oven
Model: Memmert UFE400
Main Characteristics: 
- Volume capacity: 53 L
- Temperature range: from RT+5°C to 250°C
- Setting accuracy: 0.1°C up to 100°C, 0.5°C beyond 100 -C
- RS232C communication interface 
- Temperature uniformity: ≤ 2.2°C
- Curing of thermosets
- Controlled temperature ramps for demanding applications
- Applications where temperature uniformity is crucial
Ductless fume hood with two filtration columns
Model: Erlab Captair  Flex XL482
Main Characteristics: 
- Filtrating columns: 2 (3 filters/columns)
- Air volume treated: 460 m3/h
- Dimensions: 1240x790x890 mm
- Air velocity at the apertures: 0.4-0.6 m/s
- Handling of solids and liquids in a controlled environment
Binocular Stereo Microscope
Model: Motic SMZ-168 BLED
Main Characteristics: 
- Widefield eyepieces WF10X/23mm
- 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, WD=113mm
- Magnification range: 0.75X-5X
- Maximum magnification: 50X (100X) with 10X eyepieces (20X eyepieces)
- External camera connector
- Microscopic imaging of large samples
Optical microscope
Model: Nikon Eclipse LV150
Main Characteristics
- Max. sample size: 150 x 150 mm 
- Maximum sample height: 47 mm 
- Bright field objective lens: 10X, 50X, 100X 
- Trinocular eyepiece tube
- 3x2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate) 
- NCB11 filter
- High resolution optical imaging of a wide variety of structures: Composite, MEMs, LCDs, metallurgy, wafers
Optical microscope 5Mpx digital camera
Model: Zeiss Axiocam ERc-5s
Main Characteristics: 
- Pixel size 2.2 μm x 2.2 μm 
- Sensor size 5.7 mm x 4.28 mm equivalent 
- Live image Max. 13 fps at 800 x 600 pixels 
- Spectral sensitivity Approx. 400 nm-700 nm, IR filter
- Microscopic documentation, observation, and stand-alone use
Digital ThermohygroMeter
Model: Delta Ohm HD 2301,0
Main Characteristics: 
- Max Temperature range: -200÷650°C
- Resolution: 0.1°C
- Precision: ±0.1°C
- Contact probe temp range: -50÷400°C
- Immersion probe temp range: -50÷400°C
- Temperature measurement of solid samples
- Temperature measurement of liquid samples
Ultrasonic tip horn processor (sonotrode)
Model: Sonics&Materials Vibracell VC505
Main Characteristics: 
- Frequency: 20 kHz (±50Hz)
- Net power output: 500 W
- Probe diameter: 13 mm
- Processable vol. range (13mm tip): 50-250ml
- Max. amplitude (13mm tip): 114 µm 
- Dispersion of nanostructures
- Cell lysing
- Disaggregation And Deagglomeration
- Emulsification
Dual column mechanical testing machine
Model: Instron 3366
Main Characteristics: 
- Max load capacity: 10kN
- Speed range: 0.005-500 mm/min
- Total Crosshead Travel: 1122 mm
- Load Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading down o 1/100 of load cell capacity.
- Three points flexural test
- Four points flexural test
- Tensile tests
- Compression tests
- Adhesion tests
10 N Static load cell
Model: Instron 2530-428
Main Characteristics: 
- Load capacity: 10 N
- Mechanical tests of extremely small samples;
- Mechanical tests of soft materials
10 kN Static load cell
Model: Instron 2530-443
Main Characteristics: 
- Load capacity: 10 kN
- Maximum axial torque: 23 Nm
- Suitable for different test types, including tension, compression, cyclic, and reverse stress 
500 N Static load Cell
Model: Instron 2530-416
Main Characteristics: 
- Load capacity: 500 N
- Mechanical tests of small samples;
- Mechanical tests of soft materials
Static Clip-on extensometer
Model: Instron 2630-107
Main Characteristics: 
- Operating temperature range: -100 °C to +200 °C
- Gauge length: 25 mm
- Specimen Thickness: 0 - 12.5 mm 
- Specimen Width: 0 - 40 mm 
- % Travel (Axial): +100/-10 %
- Rigid plastics testing
- Composites testing
Three/four-point bending test fixture
Model: Instron 2810-400/(2810-405 4-point conversion kit)
Main Characteristics: 
- 5 kN Load Capacity
- Temperature Range: -100 °C to +350 °C
- Support Span: 10 - 194 mm
- Specimen Width: 0 - 50 mm
- Determination of flexural modulus ,flexural strength and flexural yield strength of plastics and composites
Wedge action grips
Model: Instron 2716-015
Main Characteristics: 
- Rated capacity: 30 kN
- Maximum torque: 
- Temperature range: -70 °C- 250 °C
- Suitable for tensile test of wires, plastics, metals and elastomers with flat or round specimen shapes
Screw Side Action Grips
Model: Instron 2710-113
Main Characteristics: 
- Rated capacity: 1 kN
- Maximum torque: 8 Nm
- Temperature range: -70 °C÷125 °C
- Static tensile testing
Microprobe station
Model: Cascade Microtech Summit 11000B-M
Main Characteristics: 
- Frequency range: DC ÷ 65 GHz
- X-Y stage Travel: 203 mm x 203 mm
- MicroChamber for dark, dry and enhanced EMI-shielding enclosure
- DC and RF characterization of wafer-level devices up to 200mm, including RF/Microwave, device characterization,  wafer-level reliability, e-test, modeling or yield enhancement
High frequency Coaxial GSG Probes
Model: Cascade Microtech Infinity Probes-167-A-GSG-150
Main Characteristics: 
- Pitch: 150 µm
- Frequency range: DC to 50 GHz
- RF measurement up to 50 GHZ for planar device characterization and modeling
Ultrasonic bath
Model : Fisher FB 15061
Main Characteristics: 
- Max. tank volume: 9.5 lt;
- Ultrasonic frequency: 37 kHz;
- Cleaning, mixing, and dispersion of liquid and solids
Four-point collinear probing station
Model: Signatone S-301-4
Main Characteristics: 
- Tips spacing: 1mm
- Max operating temperature: 400 °C
- Resistivity measurement over planar geometries
Source measure unit
Model: Keithley 2400 SourceMeter
Main Characteristics: 
- Voltage source range: ±200 mV ÷ ±200 V
- Current source range: ±1 μA ÷  ±1 A
- Resistance measuring range: 0.2 Ω÷200 MΩ
- Software Compatibility: LabVIEW
- Precision voltage and current sourcing (DC) and measurement capabilities 
Nano Voltmeter
Model: Keithley 2182A
Main Characteristics: 
- Voltage range: 1nV÷100V
- Temperature meas. Range: -200÷1820 °C
- Resistance meas range: 10nΩ to 200MΩ
- Low noise voltage measurements and characterization of low resistance materials and devices
Electrometer/High resistance meter
Model : Keithley 6517B
Main Characteristics:
- Current range: 100aA÷20mA 
- Voltage range: 10µV ÷200V
- Resistance range: 100Ω ÷ 10PΩ
- Charge range: 10fC ÷ 2μC
- Source range: 0 ÷ ±1000V
- Ultra-sensitive ammeter 
- Highest impedance voltmeter with voltage measurement from 1 µV to 200 V
- Ultra-high range ohmmeter with resistance measurement up to 1018 Ω
- Sensitive coulombmeter 
DC and AC Current source
Model: Keithley 6221
Main Characteristics: 
- Current range: ± (100fA ÷100mA)
- Resistance range:  10nΩ to 200MΩ (requires 2182A)
- Internal Waveform Generator: 1mHz-100kHz with 10M samples/s output update rate
- Sweep points: 65,536 (64k)
- Applications requiring low current sourcing noise, such as Hall measurements, resistance measurements using delta mode, pulsed measurements, and differential conductance measurements.
Bench drill press with adjustable X-Y axes table
Model : Proxxon TBH
Main Characteristics
- Double spindle rotational speed range: 1,080 - 2,400 and 4,500rpm
- Usable table surface: 200 x 200mm
- Height adjustment via crank: 70mm
- Tool holder up to 10mm
- Precision drilling of soft to hard materials
Table saw
Model: Proxxon FET
Main Characteristics: 
- Rotational speed: 7000/min
- Depth of cut max.: 25 mm
- Saw blade diameter max. 85 mm
- For cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas, glass fiber reinforced sheets, foams
EC/TDS meters
Model1 : Hanna Instruments HI 99300
Main Characteristics
- EC Range 0 to 3999 μS/cm
- EC Resolution 1 μS/cm
- TDS Range 0 to 2000 ppm (mg/L)
- TDS Resolution 1 ppm (mg/L)
- Temperature Range 0.0 to 60.0°C 
Measurement of the low range electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids in various fields, such as wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, and HVAC.
Model2 : Hanna Instruments HI 99301
Main Characteristics
- EC Range 0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm
- EC Resolution 0.01 mS/cm
- TDS Range 0.00 to 10.00 ppt (g/L)
- TDS Resolution 0.01 ppt (g/L)
- Temperature Range 0.0 to 60.0°C
- Measurement of the high range electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids in various fields, such as wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, and HVAC.
Servizi offerti
Electrical and EM characterization of materials:
- Four-point probe measurements
- DC and RF characterization of wafer-level devices up to 200mm 
- Evaluation of the resistivity of insulting to highly conducting materials
Materials processing and machining
- Ultrasonic dispersion/disagglomeration
- Processing of both themosets- and thermoplastics-based nanocomposites
- Grinding, polishing, drilling, precision cutting of different classes of materials
Mechanical and electromechanical tests
- Three/Four-point bending
- Tensile/compressive tests
- Electromechanical characterization of piezoresistive materials
Optical microscopy
EC/TDS measurements of solutions and suspensions 


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