Denominazione:  Management and Uncertainties of Severe Accidents
Acronimo: MUSA
Coordinatore:  CIEMAT (Spain)
Coordinatore per Sapienza: prof. Gianfranco Caruso
Link a sito web :
Ente finanziatore: EURATOM - H2020
Partners: 28 partners from 16 countries worldwide
Importo del Progetto: 117,537.50 Euro
The MUSA project proposes an innovative research agenda to advance the predictive capability of Severe Accidents analysis codes by combining them with the best available/improved Uncertainty Qualification tools and embedding accident management as an intrinsic aspect of Severe Accidents analyses. The project is identifying and quantifying uncertainty sources in Severe Accidents analyses, reviewing and adaptating Uncertainty Qualification methods and testing such methods against reactor and Spent Fuel Pool accident analyses, including accident management.

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