The objectives of the laboratory are to conducting research activities aimed to study psychological, neurobiological and emotional processes and their interactions in complex models. The research activities are mainly focused on questions about clinical, dynamic, behavioural and neural changes in emotion regulation and social processes. The research areas cover the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying the functioning of social interactions and emotional regulation and those underlying clinical processes.

The activities of the laboratory are divided into:

1. psychological research activity in clinical and not clinical contexts;

2. neuroscientific research activity using 128-channels Geodesic EEG System and epigenetic approaches;

3. developing projects of clinical interventions in specific populations, such as people victim of earthquake or with social disadvantages;

4. organization of events useful for the dissemination of knowledge;

5. publication of articles on international peer reviewed journal.

Topics of interest:

1) Neural and clinical correlates of consciousness, emotional and social processes;

2) Epigenetic and psychological correlates of social interactions and environmental events;

3) Psychological interventions and supports in clinical and medical contexts;

4) Clinical psychology interventions in refugee and immigrant groups;

5) Clinical and neuropsychological assessment in hospital;

6) Neural and clinical correlates of traumatic experiences.


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