The Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, and Health Studies of the "Sapienza" University of Rome was established with D.R. of 22 / October 2001 and activated with D.R. of 11 / March 2002. It was born from the need of a certain number of teachers and researchers in the disciplinary sectors of "Dynamic Psychology" (M-PSI / 07) and "Clinical Psychology" (M-PSI / 08), formerly belonging to the two original Departments of "Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes" (n.38) and "Psychology" (n.39), to set up a new organization for research and national and international exchanges with other Universities or with non-university institutions (health, education, etc.) interested in research in these two disciplinary fields. With the activation of the Department, other professors from the sectors of General Psychology, Psychological Research Methodology, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology were added to the professors of the two scientific sectors indicated. From 11 / March 2002 to 31 / October 2005, the Department was headed by prof. Marco Cecchini, from 1 / November / 2005 to 31 / October / 2011 by Prof. Alessandra De Coro, from 1 / November 2011 to 31 / October 2020 by Prof. Renata Tambelli. The Department is currently headed by Prof. Anna Maria Speranza and the Administrative Secretary is Dr. Domenica Pugliese. In recent years, numerous research projects have been proposed and carried out by the professors of this Department - financed by bodies external to the University, through collaboration agreements with the European Union, the Ministry of Health, the Lazio Region, the 'Istituto Superiore di Sanità and other public institutions, as well as the research activities financed by the bodies responsible for this, such as the Ministry of University and Research, the CNR, the “La Sapienza” University. With the resolution of the Council of 12 July 2006, the Department has given itself a Regulation, along the lines of the "standard regulation" approved by the Academic Senate on 6/07/2000, which indicates the scientific-disciplinary sectors to which the professors and researchers based in the Department refer to: M-PSI / 01 General Psychology, M-PSI / 03 Psychometry, M-PSI / 04 Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology, M-PSI / 05 Social Psychology, M-PSI / 07 Dynamic Psychology, M- PSI / 08 Clinical Psychology, M-STO / 05 History of science and techniques.

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