Training at the Department

What does the graduate need to do in order to complete the training?

In order to be able to pursue post-graduate professional training, the graduate must sign up for the new Trainee Management. It is an IT platform that allows you to streamline and computerize the administrative procedures needed to activate the internship. Within the Internship Trainee, candidates will find a list of the accredited Entities that have offered placement (apprenticeship) positions with them. You will also be able to consult the agreement with the Faculty of Psychology and its training project for each body. At the end of the internship year, the trainee must receive from the body the digital copy of the presences filled out and signed in each part (which must be sent by mail to the student secretary) and complete the final assessment questionnaire for the internship. The instructions for filling in a student's application for a traineeship at a specific organization through the Tirocini Management can be found in the following pdf manual.

At the end of the internship year, the trainee must have at his disposal the following documents: the digital file of the prescriptive duly completed form, signed by the tutor and the tutor and stamped for each semester, the final report of the trainee signed by the trainee and Tutor (max. 3/4 pag) to be presented at the oral examination of the State Examination for the Proficiency Examination for the receipt of the placement fee. At the end of the State Examination for a Professional Exercise: 1. At least one month before the date of the State Examination to which you intend to take part, the trainee shall send the student file to the student secretary with the scanned file of the attendance register, stamped and signed by the head of the body and the tutor. You will also need to have paid the tuition fee by the end of the internship year.

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