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Bachelor's Degree and Master Degree Course

Bachelor and Master Degree courses (also called, for short, studies) last for three and two years respectively. Attended courses include a constraint on the number of students enrolled: this number is indicated in the call for proposals issued for each course. In order to enroll in the scheduled entrance exams, the student will have to take part in the test in the manner indicated in the notice, rank in the ranking in a position appropriate to the number of places envisaged and complete the registration procedures within the deadlines set out in the same call .
First and Second Level Masterndo.

First and Second Level Master

It is a postgraduate or postgraduate degree program mastered by the university but with a possible participation in the world of professions and the arts, as a subject of scientific refinement and of persistent and recurrent training, designed for graduates but also For professionals who feel the need for upgrading or retraining. Masters provide professional, technical-operational or project-level knowledge and skills.

Specialization Courses

It is a specialized or master degree postgraduate course providing knowledge and skills for functions required in the pursuit of particular professional activities. Allows you to get permission to practice these professions. It is aimed at the training of specialists in certain professional sectors.


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