The Department’s Council is composed of faculty members, researchers, including full-time and locally recruited staff, the Administrative Manager  who has the function of secretary, representatives of the administrative staff and students: Ph.D Doctors, residents, internship  students and representatives of scholarship, research grant or multi-annual contract holders operating in the Department.

Those elected shall hold office for two years.

The Department’s Council elects the Chairman of the Department, decides the general criteria for the use of funds allocated to the Department for research, approves an annual planning for the development of research interests, formulates job demands for faculty members and researcher, expresses opinions as to untenured Professors, approves the proposals for the establishment of research doctorates related to the Department, makes proposals and decides its support to the establishment of Centers: research, research and service, Interuniversity and service; the Council expresses its opinion, upon request of the Academic Senate, about the proposal to set up such Centers;  according to the University regulations it lays down provisions for the operation of the library and the services even for the educational activities of the Department  providing the necessary resources; it expresses opinions and makes proposals to the Faculty Council regarding the programming and testing of teaching activities, decides on applications for affiliation with the Department by faculty members, approves the budget and the final balance in accordance with the provisions of the University Regulations for the administration, finance and accounting, cooperating with the governing bodies of the University and with the National programming Bodies.


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