SID - Iconography Departmental Section

The ability to communicate is essential in a modern society and it is vital in the context of Science and Culture. Section Iconography Departmental (S.I.D.), established within the Department of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni", was born from the need to produce iconographic quality contributions in the various forms of scientific and educational communication. Its roots are deep, they come from the past, from that pillar of Italian and international surgery that was Peter Valdoni. Proof of this are the still topical "surgical technique Treaty" as the 16 mm films on his innovative surgical techniques. Today new possibilities of communication are offered by new technologies. Section Iconography Departmental made them his own, so we can offer a product constantly keeping up with the times.

Editorial production (paper, video and multimedia) illustration, 2D and 3D animation, filming and audio-video editing, photography and digital processing, data network, information services, applications and websites.


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