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- Area Farmaceutica
- Corso di Laurea in Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche
Disponibilità tesi: 
  • Nanotechnology based biosensors
  • Finanziamento MIUR 2013
Aree di interesse: 
  • Realization of enzymatic electrochemical biosensors and their application to environmental, pharmaceutical and food analysis.
  • Nanotechnologies applied for the development of optical and electrochemical biosensors.
  • Study of the electrochemical properties of new substances that can be used as redox mediators in the realization of mediated electron transfer based biosensors.
  • Evaluation and optimization of the different immobilization procedures of enzymes and mediators, that can be used in the development of enzymatic screen printed electrodes.
  • Application of Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance (ESPR) in the evaluation of the growth of proteins, mediators and SAMs on gold surfaces.
  • Development of ESPR based immunosensors and their application in clinical, toxicological and pharmacological fields.
  • Realization of biocatalyst-based bioreactors for the biodegradation of environmental pollutants.
  • Evaluation of the potential use of electrochemical and optical biosensors for the detection of doping substances and methods.
Pubblicazioni e brevetti

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