Project 'Innova3dImaging'


Titolo del progetto: Innovative 3D high content imaging methodologies for the validation of new anticancer molecules


Obiettivi:The present project aims to develop advanced highly automated 3D imaging methodologies applied to the validation of new drugs targeting mitosis and epigenetic enzymes. This will take place through the interaction between the researchers of the IBPM-CNR imaging platform (, the medicinal chemists of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs of “Sapienza” University and entrepreneurial realities of the territory. Imaging protocols and 3D cell models will be developed to improve and accelerate the preclinical screening pathways of new molecules. The development of advanced 3D cell imaging methodologies will also take place through the engineering of specific molecular markers, in order to improve screening methods aimed at identifying new potential anti-tumor agents. The expected results are: 1) development of new or optimized industrial products in the field of advanced microscopy; 2) standardized protocols for the generation and maintenance of 3D cell systems suitable for high content imaging analysis of proliferation, cytotoxicity and genomic instability; 3) identification of effective combined treatments with anti-mitotic molecules and epigenetic modulators and validation of the platform on a wide range of epidrugs under development. Synthesis of a “dual” prototype as a double inhibitor of the mitotic / epigenetic pathway; 4) training activities at the platform for the transfer of knowledge developed to public and private users

Durata: Two years



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