Project 'Ri-CicloHorto'


Titolo del Progetto : Valorization of agri-food waste from the fruit and vegetable sector of Lazio: from biostimulants for agriculture to supplements for human health

Acronimo : Ri-CicloHorto

Obiettivi : The project involves three OdRs, namely the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs of the Sapienza University of Rome, the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of the University of Tuscia and the Institute for Biological Systems of CNR of Rome. The aim of Ri-cicloHorto is to offer at companies in the agricultural and nutraceutical-pharmaceutical sectors in Lazio an innovative process for the reuse of waste products from the fruit and vegetable sector. Prototypes of biostimulants for crops and supplements for human health obtained from artichoke and cauliflower production waste will be proposed as specific objectives. These products, chosen as case studies, represent an important resource for Lazio region, but their waste is still a concrete problem and a cost in terms of disposal for farms and processing. These companies will therefore be able to benefit from the valorization of waste which, from a cost, can represent an integration of company income. This project is part of the AdS Agri-food of Lazio region, which aims to propose concrete and innovative solutions for the territory

Durata : 24 months  (from 15/04/2021 to 15/04/2023)


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