Biosensors Lab (CHIM/01-CHIM/02-MED/46)

Attività di ricerca

Main topics:

1) Nanostructured and supramolecular materials for the development of optical and electrochemical biosensors;
2) Development of Enzymatic Biofuel Cells modified with conducting polymers and nanostructured materials;
3) Study of the electrochemical properties of modified conducting polymers in the development of electron transfer based biosensors by means of both electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical instruments;
4) Evaluation and optimization of the different immobilization procedures of enzymes and mediators, that can be used in the development of enzymatic screen printed electrodes;
5) Application of Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance (ESPR) in the evaluation of the growth of proteins, mediators and self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold surfaces;
6) Development of ESPR and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy based immunosensors and their application in clinical, toxicological and pharmacological fields.

Collaborazioni nazionali e internazionali

National and International Collaborations

One of the most important peculiarities of the research carried out in the Biosensors Lab is represented by its multidisciplinarity, thanks also to several partnerships established over the years with national and international research groups: Salvatore Cannistraro of the Biophysics & Nanoscience Center & CNISM Faculty of Sciences, University of Tuscia, Viterbo; Fred Lisdat Biosystems Technology, Institute for Applied Life Sciences, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, GermanyHarry Boer, Anu Koivula, Maria Smolander - VTT Technical Research Center of Finland (Finland); Oded Shoseyov - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel); David Hernandez Santos, Pablo Fanjul Bolado, DropSens (Spain).


Biosensors Lab facilities consists of several electrochemical interfaces, two electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy instruments, one spectroelectrochemical interface, Surface Plasmon Reosnance instruments, spectrophotometer, flow injection analysis systems. In addition, other scientific instrumentations such as: ESI mass spectrometer, Atomic force microscopy, Scanning tunneling microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM) for surface characterization are available.

Settori ERC
  • PE4_1 - Physical chemistry PE4_11 - Physical chemistry of biological systems
  • PE4_4 - Surface science and nanostructures
  • PE4_5 - Analytical chemistry
  • PE4_8 - Electrochemistry, electrodialysis, microfluidics, sensors

1) Research contract with Dianax S.r.l. about the electrochemical characterization of selected organic molecules.
2) Research contract with Seleo Engineering S.r.l. about the development of a biosensor-based portable electrochemical device for real samples analysis
3) Research contract with Dianax S.r.l. about the develop’0ment and characterization of electrochemical cell integrated with microfluidic devices for diagnosis applications.


Publications (2015-2018):
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