Bioinorganic Chemistry and mass spectrometry (CHIM/03)

Attività di ricerca

Main research topics:

Chemical and biochemical processes of fundamental importance occur in solution and frequently proceed by ionic species behaving as fleeting intermediates. Mass spectrometry offers a powerful tool to intercept and manipulatethese species, allowing to obtain insight into their role. Structural information and resolution can be gained using collision induced dissociation (CID) experiments, ion-molecule reactions and vibrational spectroscopy of the sampled gaseous ionic species as attained by IRMPD spectroscopy.

Specific research topics:

1) Relevant species that are responsible for the biological effects of cisplatin, cis-PtII(NH3)2Cl2, anticancer drug widely used in the clinic for the treatment of a broad spectrum of solid tumors with a focus on (i) platinated amino acid residues and small peptides that are involved in cisplatin transport and adverse effects, (ii) platinated fragments of DNA, (iii) platinated intermediates from next generation drugs such as oxaliplatin and carboplatin.

2) Intermediates involved in post-translational modifications, in particular those activated by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, with a view towards identifying new methods for detection and characterization

3) Untargeted analyses of complex mixtures such as those related to specimens of nutritional value  from the plant realm.

Collaborazioni nazionali e internazionali

Collaborations with colleagues from the department and the university. At national and international level with the following scientists: N. Re and C. Coletti (Università Chieti-Pescara); P. Maitre, D. Scuderi and N. Shafizadeh (Université Paris Sud); J.-Y. Salpin (Université dEvry Val dEssonne); O. Dopfer (Technische Universitaet Berlin); S. Piccirillo (Università Roma2); S. de Visser and P. Barran (University of Manchester); T. B. McMahon (University of Waterloo, Canada); L. Guidoni (Università dell’Aquila); R. Sinha (Manipal University).

  • FT-ICR mass spectrometer (MS) (Bruker Apex II) for HiRes MS
  • Triple quadrupole MS (Applied Biosystems 2000) (shared with prof. A. Filippi)
  • OPO/OPA laser system - ion trap MS (Esquire 6000+, Bruker) for IRMPD spectroscopy (shared with prof. A. Filippi)
  • Ion trap MS (Esquire 3000+)
Settori ERC
  • PE4_2 - Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques
  • PE5_9 - Coordination Chemistry
  • PE4_12 - Chemical reactions: mechanisms, dynamics, kinetics and catalytic reactions
  • PE4_11 - Physical chemistry of biological systems

Grants (2015-2018):

  • CLIO projects (funded by the EU): IC15-007, IC16-007 (principal investigator, PI, Fornarini), IC15-0013 (PI Chiavarino), IC17-002 (PI Crestoni)
  • FILAS project funded by the Regione Lazio: 2015-18 e-Alierb (PI prof.ssa Luisa Mannina)
  • Research grants funded by Sapienza University of Rome:
    • 2015, prot. N. C26H15MHLB 20.000€ (PI Fornarini)
    • 2016, DR n. 3210/16 del 16/12/2016, 11.000€ (PI Crestoni)
    • 2016 Avvio ricerca, 1.000€ (PI Corinti)
    • 2017 Avvio ricerca prot. N.AR11715C7E1E1E6A, 1.800€ (PI Corinti); 2017, 4.000€ (PI Crestoni)
    • 2017, 3.000€ (PI Chiavarino); FFABR 2017, 3.000 € (Crestoni)
    • FFABR 2017, 3.000 € (Chiavarino).

Publications (2015-2018):

1. M. E. Crestoni
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