LBDT: Lab of Bio-Inspired Devices for Technology (CHIM/09)

Attività di ricerca

The research activity of the LABORATORY OF BIO-INSPIRED DEVICES FOR TECHNOLOGY is focused on the development of new polymeric- and/or lipid-based systems for biomedical or pharmaceutical applications. The main research lines are:

  1. Synthesis and characterization of bio-polymeric derivatives employed as modified drug delivery systems or as scaffold for tissue engineering
  2. Synthesis and characterization of bio-polymeric derivatives to employ in three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting
  3. Design and development of polymeric thin films for drug delivery
  4. Design and development of hybrid drug delivery systems, such as Gel-in-Liposome (GiL) systems, innovative liposomes with a gelled internal core
  5. Design and development of stimuli responsive nano-systems for “on demand” drug release

The research activity has been devoted to various aspects of modified release (sustained and/or modulated) from matrices prepared with natural polymers such as polysaccharides (scleroglucan, dextran, gellan) and polyaminoacids and their derivatives. In particular, the studies regard the synthesis of new polysaccharidic networks obtained by chemical and/or physical crosslinking among the macromolecular chains, the characterization of their structure and the drug release from dosage formulations prepared with such matrices. Some of these derivatives were also used for 3D printing, to obtain structures suitable for tissue engineering applications. Other studies concern the preparation of polymeric and lipid-based micro- and nanoparticles. This last technology has been used to protect and delivery natural bioactive molecules, usable in pharmaceutical and cosmetic field.

Collaborazioni nazionali e internazionali
  • prof.  Alessandra Adrover, Department of Chemical Engineering Materials, Environmental Engineering DICMA, Università “La Sapienza”
  • prof. Micaela Liberti, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica dell’Università “La Sapienza” di Roma
  • prof. Francesca Apollonio, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica dell’Università “La Sapienza” di Roma
  • dr.  Settimio Pacelli, The University of Texas, San Antonio (USA)
  • TA HR 1 rheometer
  • Ztasizer Pro (Malvern Instruments Ltd., Malvern, United Kingdom),
  • 3-D bio-printer BIO X (Cell-Line)
Settori ERC
  • LS7_1 - Medical engineering and technology
  • PE5_4 - Thin films
  • PE5_6 - New materials: oxides, alloys, composite, organic-inorganic hybrid, nanoparticles
  • PE5_7 - Biomaterials synthesis
  • PE5_8 - Intelligent materials - self assembled materials

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