Nanomedicine_Lab (CHIM/09)

Attività di ricerca

The research activity of the Nanomedicine_Lab is mainly involved in preparation and characterization of innovative drug delivery systems with application in therapeutic, diagnostic and theranostic fields, by different administration routes.

The lab activity is mainly focused on the application of different preparation techniques of liposomes, niosomes, nanobubbles and nanoemulsions and their physical-chemical characterization. Investigating the fundamental aspects of drug-amphiphilic molecule interactions is of paramount importance for the optimal design of amphiphile-based nanocarriers.

In the last years, our research centred on brain delivery, with particular attention to develop nanocarriers able to trespass the Blood Brain Barrier, e.g. amphiphile-coated nanobubbles, or tailored to reach the brain by alternative route, such as nose-to-brain administration (N2B). These strategies provide promising alternatives that are able to ameliorate the treatment of brain disease.

Furthermore, particular attention in formulating nanocarriers and nanovectors is given to natural compounds such as essential oils and to stimuli-responsive molecules (e.g pH-sensitive peptides).

Innovative nanocarriers, with high targeting efficiency and useful for more efficient administration routes, are evaluated as valuable strategies to enhance the biological activity of the drugs against intracellular mycobacteria and to develop new agents to treat bacterial infections in general.

Collaborazioni nazionali e internazionali

National and International collaboration


Sapienza University, Rome:

  • Prof C. Longhi, Dept. of Public Health and Infectious Disease
  • Prof Alfredo Rossi, Dept. of Internal and Specialized Medicine
  • Prof Andrea Bettucci, Dept. Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering
  • Prof Isabella Screpanti, Saula Checquolo, Dept. Molecular Medicine and Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnology

Tor Vergata University, Rome:

  • Prof Maurizio Fraziano, Prof Robert Giovanni Nisticò, Dept. Biology

University of Milan:

  • Prof Elena Del Favero, Laura Cantù, Dept. Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine

Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA):

  • Dr Diego Dri, Clinical Trials Office

Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC)-CNR:

  • Dr Simona Sennato

Istituto Superiore di Sanità:

  • Dr Gianfranco Mattia, Dr Rossella Puglisi, Dr Alessandra Carè, Center for Gender-specific Medicine
  • Dr Monica Bartolomei, National Centre for the Control and evaluation of Medicines, Chemical Drugs Unit
  • Dr Maria Grazia Ammendolia, National Center of Innovative Technologies in Public Health

University Catania:

  • Prof Rosario Pignatello, Dept. Drug Sciences

University Pavia:

  • Prof Giuseppina Sandri, Dept. Drug Sciences



University of Granada, Spain:

  • Prof. Cesar Viseras, Dept. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology

Durham University, UK:

  • Prof M. Moghimi, School Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Nanobiosciences Unit Ispra, VA, Italy

The University of Edinburgh, UK:

  • Dr Carmen Moran Medical Physics in Centre for Cardiovascular Science

King's College London, UK:

  • Dr Julie Tzu-Wen Wang Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

University of Coimbra, Portugal:

  • Prof Eliana Souto, Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology

The main instrumentations available in the Nanomedicine_Lab consist of Zetasizer Nano ZS90 (measurement of the size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of colloids and nanoparticles), Microfluidic device, Spectrofluorometer, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Spray-drying.

In addition, in collaboration with other research groups are available: an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) with the Research Center on Nanotechnology Applied to Engineering of Sapienza University (CNIS); Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analyses, in collaboration with Dr. M.G. Ammendolia, Centro Nazionale Tecnologie Innovative in Sanità Pubblica, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome (Italy); and acoustic measurements by using Pulse-echo technique, in collaboration with Prof. A. Bettucci, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering, Sapienza University, Rome (Italy).

Settori ERC
  • LS7_1 - Medical engineering and technology
  • LS7_3 - Pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery and design, drug therapy
  • LS7_6 - Gene therapy, cell therapy, regenerative medicine
  • PE5_8 - Intelligent materials – self assembled materials


  • Almond oil O/W nanoemulsions for ocular drug delivery: formulation, physico-chemical characterization and preliminary in vitro/in vivo studies, Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo).
  • Attività antimicrobica di gentamicina veicolata da nanoemulsioni verso ceppi di Escherichia coli uropatogeni, Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo).


  • Valutazione dell’efficacia clinica delle nanoemusioni di olio di sandalo caricate con minoxidil e finasteride nel trattamento dell’alopecia androgenetica, Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo).
  • Nanobubbles: formulation, characterization and evaluation of their activity in diagnosis and in BBB crossing, Sapienza University of Rome (Professori Visitatori per attività di Ricerca).


  • Brain delivery of natural active compound: the NanoBubble approach, Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo).


  • Antitubercular drug-loaded multi-liposomes vectors as innovative combinatorial therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis
    Phospholipid Research lnstitute, Heidelberg, DE, in collaboration with Prof. F. Bordi (Physic Dept., Sapienza University of Rome)
  •  Investigation of the ability of gas-filled nano-bubbles to deliver hydrophobic and hydrophilic com-pounds to the brain by disruption of the blood brain barrier (BBB) using focused ultrasoundThundar Grant, in collaboration with Dr. Carmel Moran, UK
  •  Delivery of natural bioactive substances with antimicrobial and antitumoral activity by newly formulated nanoemulsions
    Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo)
  • Novel MmpL3 inhibitors-loaded niosomes to treat tuberculosis via lung delivery
    Interdisciplinary project subjected to external reviewers
    Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo)
  • Competition RC/EFSA/SCER/2016/01: "Nanotechnology in agri/food/feed products
    EFSA (European Food Safety Agency)


  • Study of a method to characterize the interaction between different polyelectrolites and the biologic mud by zeta potential analyses.
    Research project commissioned by ACEA
  • Coated liposomes and niosomes to enhance pentamidine activity against colorectal cancer
    Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo)
  • Antimicrobial and antitumoral in vitro activity of natural bioactive compounds delivered by nanoemulsions
    Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo)


  • A novel pharmacological approach to treat Parkinson's disease: a pre-clinical study on Pentasomes (pentamidine-niosome systems)
    Interdisciplinary project subjected to external reviewers
    Sapienza University of Rome (Ateneo)
  • “Attività antinfiammatoria e antibatterica della lattoferrina somministrata per aerosol nelle infezioni delle vie aeree di modelli murini non FC e FC”
    Fondazione Fibrosi Cistica (FFC#12/2015)

Publications (2019-2021)

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