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The Department of Environmental Biology (DBA) was founded in July 2010 by the reorganization of the Area Biological Departments of the University (Departments of Biology Plant, Animal and Human Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology).
The DBA is responsible for research and teaching in various biological disciplines involving the study of algae, fungi, plants, animals, non-human primates and humans. The DBA promotes research on the origin, structure, organization, operation, development, systematic and ecology by studying the molecular, organismic and eco-systemic living organisms. The Department also contributes to the biological knowledge in the pharmaceutical and medical and promotes the development of society and industry while protecting the environment.
The Department integrates biological expertise and applications oriented towards environmental issues in their functional and evolutionary disciplinary expressions to the educational processes of the courses in Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Technologies for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, Biotechnology Agro-Industrial, Pharmacy and Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology.
The departmental structure features a library, several classrooms, research and microscopy laboratories and three museums (Museum of Anthropology, Museum of the Botanical Garden and Herbarium Museum).



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