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Fifteen years of experience in environmental cooperation programs in several biodiversity hotspots of the world (Galapagos Archipelago – Ecuador, Socotra archipelago - Yemen, Protected areas of Albania, Great Limpopo Transfrontier Area - South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea) allowed me to develop a deep knowledge about different ecosystems and environmental issues. My main research field is the application of spatial models to assess the conservation status of species and habitats, to support the management of protected areas, and to evaluate the impact of climate change and alien species on ecosystems. I am also collaborating with national and international working groups aimed at assessing the conservation status of habitats and elaborating effective conservation strategies.  Teaching Ecosystem Approach to the Conservation of Biodiversity (MSc in Eco-Biology, Sapienza University of Rome)GIS and thematic mapping (MSc in Natural Science, Sapienza University of Rome)

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Ongoing ProjectsScientific Coordinator of the SECOSUD II Project ( “Conservation and equitable use of biological diversity in the SADC region: from geographic information system (GIS) to Spatial Systemic Decision Support System (SSDSS)”.Scientific Coordinator of the NaturAl Project ( “Biodiversity conservation in Albania through improved management of its protected areas and setting basis for the future implementation of European Natura 2000 network”.Scientific coordinator of an operational unit of the CS-Mon Life Project ( using a citizen science approach on biodiversity in Italy.

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