Understanding how biodiversity responds to environmental change is essential to provide the evidence-base that underpins conservation initiatives. Species extinction is an irreversible process, and little is known of how anthropogenic disturbances are responsible for biodiversity losses. My research aims to better quantify and understand how human activities, such as degradation and management, affects biodiversity in tropical and temperate forests. I am also interested in how forest degradation affects carbon dynamics and climate change, as well as integrating both research fronts. My current and future studies address the following general questions:

- What is the magnitude of the effects of anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. changes in fire regimes) on the diversity of insects and other taxa?

- What are the spatial patterns of multi-taxonomic biodiversity congruency and how can it be applied for conservation and management practices?

- How sources of forest degradation (e.g. logging, fire, agriculture) affect carbon dynamics in tropical habitats and how this knowledge can be used in REDD+ frameworks?



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