International Conference

Mercoledì, 19 Febbraio, 2020

Roma, Palazzo Mattei di Giove, via Michelangelo Caetani, 32 - ore 15:30


Architectural Substrata and Archeological Design


Official Greetings:
Bruno Botta - vice Rector, 'Sapienza' University of Rom
Carlotta Ventura - director, American Studies Center

Giuseppe Strappa - President, ISUFitaly

Paolo Carlotti - 'Sapienza' University of Rome


Alessandra Capuano - 'Sapienza' University of Rome

Architecure Landscape and Archaeology for New Metropolitan Narratives.


Paolo Carafa - 'Sapienza' University of Rome 

Archeology of Architecture and Landscape: History and Storytelling.


Alexander Schwarz - University of Stuttgart 

Museumsinse, Berlin. The invention of on ideai historic city centre.



Round table coordinated by:
Carlos Dias Coelho - Lisbon University





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