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Venerdì, 16 Marzo, 2018

Puerto Rico Re_Start 2018
March 16th to 26th 2018 San Juan – Puerto Rico

After the consequential Hurricanes Irma and Maria passage through the Island of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, the Office of UF VP Dr. David Norton opened the possibility of supporting UPR Faculty and Graduate Students for a limited stay at UF. We were able to receive two Faculty members and 7 students for 4 weeks. CHU acted as the host of the activities and actively engaged in logistics and academics with the visitors. Sponsored by Dean Anumba DCP, and Director Alread SOA, we developed jointly the ideas for an International Workshop, to be held yearly in Puerto Rico. The first edition will be in 2018 from March 16th to 26th

The Puerto Rico Re_Start PREP, the preparatory instance held between October 16th and October 30th, presented its results publicly on November 1st in the School of Architecture. It produced extensive background research, bibliographic and web content, alumni linkages, consolidated in a google drive data bank. The visitors returned to Puerto Rico after the conclusion.

The PR RS International Project Workshop has gathered the support of The Chancellor of UPR, the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Quality and Culture Rome, the UF Center for Latin American Studies and the College of DCP through academic units and Centers.

The Puerto Rico Re_Start International Project Workshop, PR_RS co-organized by the University of Florida and the University of Puerto Rico will address the resiliency of the Islands, with expected consequences for the Virgin Islands, Guadalupe, Dominica, Barbuda, Haiti and Cuba. Interdisciplinary participants will gather around subjects of research and proposals. Professionals, faculty and students from UPR, UF, and international institutions from Europe and Latin America will direct the Design Laboratories, while an Open Lecture Series will discuss publicly the advancement scenarios. Representatives from stakeholders and public officials will join the discussions. Results will be presented publicly and published.

Open to students and graduates of the Schools of Architecture, Engineering, Environment.

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Teaching Board: Lucio Barbera, Antonino Saggio, Gentucca Canella, Anna Del Monaco

Fee Subscription (Department of Architecture and Design): € 400
Participants will personally cover the following expenses:

- Air Ticket A/R Rome – San Juan (via USA) [circa € 950-1000]
- Hotel / Residence
- ESTA VISA for US (Puerto Rico is US territory)
- Further expenses (meal, internal transports, ecc.)
For further information contact: dott.ssa Attilia De Rose, Dipartimento Architettura e, Prof. Anna Del Monaco:

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