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Donini Lorenzo Maria

Nuovi alimenti sostenibili ad alto valore nutrizionale a base legumi maltati del Lazio

Progetto finanziato dalla Regione Lazio con fondi Por Fesr 2014-2020

Interferenti endocrini nelle donne affette da patologie metaboliche: analisi di biomarcatori circolanti e valutazione di danno infiammatorio

Progetto finanziato dalla Regione Lazio con fondi Por Fesr 2014-2020

Barchetta Ilaria La Ricerca in Italia. Un’idea per il Futuro”, finanziamento triennale per lo svolgimento del progetto di ricerca in ambito endocrino-metabolico dal titolo “Interplay between dipeptidyl peptidase-4 and vitamin D in adipose tissue-bone axis in patients with type 2 diabetes”
Cavallo Maria Gisella A randomized, double blind placebo controlled clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of sitagliptin on bone measures in women affected by type 2 diabetes. A gender-oriented approach to address a gender-specific frailty. The SLowDOWN (SitagLiptin in Diabetes for Osteoporosis in WomeN) study
Cirone Mara Autophagy Interaction with HHV-6A Infection
Ferretti Elisabetta Circulating microRNAs and DNA (cfDNA) as novel biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic use in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Capuano Cristina Analysis of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying NK cell hyporesponsiveness induced by therapeutic antibodies: a role for the sustained CD16 aggregation.
Giannetta Elisa Gender differences in endocrine-related cardiomiopathies: from pathophysiology to novel target therapy.
Raparelli Valeria Sex and gender differences in ischemic heart disease: from bench to bedside
Buzzetti Raffaella Molecular and pathophysiological heterogeneity of autoimmune diabetes: implication for precision medicine
Cirone Mara Integrating metabolism and immunity: cellular and molecular pathways leading to metabolic dysregulation and autoimmunity
Donini Lorenzo Maria MICROBESOMICS: effect of gut microbiome on “obesitypes” in human subjects
Ferretti Elisabetta Metabolic therapy of immuno-inflammation: in search for the best strategy to counteract type 2 diabetes and its complications
Fiore Daniela Physiopathology, Epidemiology and Genetics of primary pArathyroid hormone deficiency and reSistance: a Multicenter italian Study (PEGASUS)
Gianfrilli Daniele IN Search of early clinical and molecular Predictors of diagnosis and treatment response In patients with Rare Endocrine disorders: retrospective analysis on large healthcare database network and translational cohort studies- the INSPIRE project
Giannetta Elisa “From bed to benchside: untAnglIng THe molecular mechanisms of disease progressIoN in neuroenDocRine nEoplAsMS". FAITH IN DREAMS
Gnessi Lucio Mechanisms of adipose tissue dysfunction in obesity: a target of future weight loss strategies for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases”
Isidori Andrea The impact of glucocorticoid Circadian rHytm disRuption on cardiOvascular risk and immuNe dysfunction: pathOphysiology and novel bIoMArkers of Glucocorticoid Exposure in hypercortisolim and hypocortisolism CHRONO-IMAGE
Lombardo Francesco Oncofertility and oncosexuality
Marchese Cinzia DNA methylation dynamics for enhancing adipose-derived stem cells therapeutic efficacy in regeneration both of soft tissue defects and fistulizing chronic intestinal diseases
Misasi Roberta Triggering neuroprotective pathways to prevent neurodegeneration: role of estrogen receptor beta/neuroglobin signaling in Huntington disease
Pelloni Marianna Clinical management of Gender Dysphoria: hormone therapy response versus individual's genetic and epigenetic profile
Pozza Carlotta Multilevel machine learning of toxicogenomic, molecular, endocrine, genotoxic and transgenerational effects of air pollution on reproduction
Sorice Maurizio Ruolo dell’autofagia nel differenziamento cellulare
Tafani Marco Novel molecular players of hypoxia/inflammation impinging on lipid homeostasis in obesity and related diseases: theranostic implications”
Venneri Mary Anna Identification of new biomarkers and clinical determinants for management improvement of patients with pituitary tumor related syndromes
Ferretti Elisabetta Caratterizzazione di microrna circolanti come sensibili e precoci biomarcatori di alterazioni metaboliche nell’obesità: sviluppo di nuove piattaforme diagnostiche nelle patologie metaboliche croniche
Catanzaro Giuseppina Role of unfolded protein response in medulloblastoma cancer stem cell manteinance: therapeutic implications and prognostic value


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