Seminars valid for the acquisition of  the 3 cfu for students of the MA in Health Economics
The seminars that make possible to obtain CFU (valid to reach 3 CFU fdor other activities) are those for which you receive the notice from the MA secretariat. 
It is otherwise possible to obtain CFU through participation to other seminars/conferences/workshops offered by other institutions/universities/faculties/ departments and whose topic is related to the master's educational goals.
In this last case, the student will have to inform the master's director that together with the master scientific comitee will decide the amount of CFUs obtainable for the partecipation to the specific seminar/conference/workshop.
The participation to each seminar will be evaluated 0,50 CFU.
The CFU will be assigned to each student only after a report on the seminar will be received and approved by a professor of the master.
The report must be sent to the Health Economics secretariat at The report of the seminar to which you participate in order to obtain 0.5 CFU, has to be sent not later than a week after the seminar/conference/workshop has been held.
Mini-Workshop on International Economics - Sapienza University of Rome & University of Paris-Dauphine - On 27th February 2023 at 4 pm - SALA DELLE LAUREE
Participation in the event together with the presentation of the report will allow the acquisition of 0.5 credits for "Further knowledge for placement on the job market".
The report must be sent no more than a week after the event to - PROGRAMME

Federico Caffè Lessons will be held at the Faculty of Economics on December 14th and 15th in classroom 5 - Federico Caffè.

This year the lectures will be held by Professor Giovanni Peri, Professor of Economics and Director of the Global Migration Center University of California, who will hold two lectures on the theme: "Politiche di Immigrazione per la crescita e l’uguaglianza economica: lezioni dagli Stati Uniti e dall’Europa”.
Registration is mandatory and it should be noted that the event will be held in Italian.
The availability of seats is limited. The first 15 students who register will receive a confirmation email to participate. It is possible to register by, and no later than, December 11, 2022. Registration link: Federico Caffè 2022 registration form

Participation in the two days, certified by the incoming and outgoing signature, will give the possibility of obtaining up to 1 CFU useful for the "Further training activities", upon presentation of a report to be sent to healtheco.ecodir@uniroma1.itIn the absence of the presence recorded on the incoming and outgoing signature sheet, it will not be possible to evaluate the report.
The number of credits recognized will depend on the evaluation of the paper.
Reports must be sent to no later than January 8, 2023.
The report can be written in English or Italian. LOCANDINA/POSTER

Invited Lectures:

Monday 5th December 10-12 - Prof. Elena Druica (University of Bucharest) will give a lecture on Behavioural Economics. In presence (aula master Memotef, 5th floor) or online (

Friday 16th December 10am-1pm Prof. Heidrun Sturm (University of Tuebingen) will give a seminar on Complex interventions in healthcare innovation. Examples from Germany in presence (aula 8A).

- NOVEMBER 9th 2022 - Seminar "The gender pay gap: which policies to address it?" - at 5.30 pm in the MARRAMA classroom on the 6th floor.

The seminar will be held in Italian. Participation in the course is open to students who understand the Italian language. 

Participation in the event, together with a detailed report will allow, after evaluation, the acquisition of 0,5 CFU. Send the report to


24 maggio 2022 - Rapporto sullo Stato Sociale 2022 - ore 9.00 - AULA 5 "Federico Caffè" - L'iniziativa sarà in italiano. LOCANDINA

The presentation of the Annual Rapporto sullo Stato Sociale (Anual Report on the Italian Welfare State) will only be given in Italian
The participation to the presentation is valid for 0.5 CFU following the usual rules. 
You are asked to leave a signature when you enter and when you leave the conference room to testify your presentation. To this end there will be a person at the entrance that will collect the signatures.
Thursday 7 April -  time 16.00-18.00 Room 1D
Laura De Marchis, Sapienza Università di Roma
High risk population surveillance programs: implications for survival and public health
Friday 22 April 2022 - Time: 11.00 a.m. - 01.00 p.m. Room (aula) STEVE 
Dr. Alberto Bacchiega, Director of DG Competition, European Commission 
Title: Competition Enforcement - a European perspective

Wednesday 27 April -  time 16.00-18.00 -  Room 1D
Andrea Pezzoli, Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato
Competition policy in the digital age

Thursday 28 April -  time 16.00 -18.00 - Room 1D  
Andrea Pezzoli, Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato
Antitrust and the pharma industry
Thursday 26 May -  time 16.00 -18.00 - Room STEVE
David Canning, Harvard University, CSPH.
"Aging surveys around the world – evidence  on the gradient of health with socioeconomic status"
Wednesday 18 May 2022 - Time: 14.00-15.30 :
Dr Sarah Cook, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Imperial College London
Title: Using factor analysis to investigate hazardous alcohol consumption in Russian men.
This seminar can be followed only remotely
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 259 862 6281

Passcode: 0CKqpr
June 1st - time 14.00 - 16.00 - AULA MARRAMA - VI FLOOR
"Air pollution and cognitive ability – evidence from chess tournaments"
23 giugno 2022 ore 11.00 - WORKSHOP IN ITALIANO - AULA 8b
"Welfare State e politiche del lavoro: prospettive a confronto” con la partecipazione del Prof. Pasquale Tridico
La partecipazione consentirà l'ottenimento di 0,5 CFU dopo l'invio e la valutazione della relazione sul workshop.
Potete inviare il report a
All the seminars but the one on the 18 May, can be followed in presence or remotely using the Zoom link of the room where the seminar are held.
AVVISO - 5 aprile 2023
La lezione del prof. Ragusa delle ore 12 è rinviata.
Sarà comunicata la data di recupero.

 Lunedì 6 novembre 2023, alle ore 11.00, si terrà il primo webinar informativo del Progetto "Employability Lab - un ponte verso il tuo futuro professionale", rivolto a laureandi, neolaureati e laureati Sapienza che sentono la necessità di orientarsi per inserirsi nel mondo del lavoro.Di seguito il link della pagina dedicata al Progetto:

Coloro che completeranno il percorso otterranno l’Open Badge “Employability Lab” da inserire nel proprio cv e sul profilo LinkedIn.


















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