Further knowledge for placement on the job market - 3 CFU


Credits for "further knowledge" can be obtained in the following ways:

Internship in a host organization: students can find the internship independently, or, by consulting the Jobsoul notice board (https://uniroma1.jobsoul.it/), they can apply for the individual offers.
The internship must have a bearing on the course of study and must be authorized in advance by the President of the course of study.
At the end it will be necessary to submit a report completed by the host organization. 3 credits are equivalent to 75 hours of internship.

Students can send authorization requests to the President of the course of study at the address: francesco.nucci@uniroma1.it, indicating as the subject "AUTHORIZATION FOR CFU IN FURTHER KNOWLEDGE".
It is important to describe in detail the proposed activity and justify its relevance to the CdS.
The document confirming the activity must be sent both to the address francesco.nucci@uniroma1.it and to the address epos@uniroma1.it (in CC), indicating as the subject “CERTIFICATION FOR CFU IN FURTHER KNOWLEDGE”.

Seminars or webinars organized by the Department or the Faculty: the seminars / webinars will be announced from time to time through the website of the Dipartimento di economia e diritto, where details will be provided about:
- How to register for the seminar / webinar
- Number of credits to which the seminar gives entitlement
- Report*

*Each seminar / webinar gives the possibility to accrue credits for "further training activities" by participating in the entire meeting (attendance will be recorded) and by sending a report that will be evaluated by prof. Nucci.

These are the basic guidelines to follow for the report:

Write your name and surname;
Write the title of the event you attended;
Write the date and time of the event and possibly the place;
Begin the report with an introduction to the event itself.

The length of the report depends on the event but usually about two folders are sufficient.
Reports will not be evaluated if these requirements are not met.

Reports must be sent to epos@uniroma1.it no later than one week after the event.
Also you must write in the email subject: report "event name". For example: "Oracle" report.


The 3 credits will be registered on Infostud only when the student has fully achieved them, and in any case only after having applied for a degree. Until then, the didactic secretariat of the economics and law department will keep a record of the partial credits obtained by each one, but these will not yet be visible on Infostud.
Once the 3 credits have been completed, the student will receive a certification on their uniroma1 institutional mailbox. This certification must be attached to the degree application.




22-23 October 2020 Second biennial conference on "Financial Stability and Regulation".

Bank of Italy and the Bocconi BAFFI CAREFIN Centre.

The conference will be held virtually (via Webex) on 22-23 October 2020.

To learn more about the event, see the program at:



19 November 2020 "Economics and Politics of Migration"

13.30-18.25 London time (14.30-19.25 Rome time): first day (19 november 2020) of the "Workshop on the Economics and Politics of Migration"


Host: King's College London. Organized by Cevat G. Aksoy, Kostas Matakos, and Pierre-Louis Vezina. 


Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard University): "Immigration and Redistribution".

Elias Papaioannou (London Business School): "Religion and Social Mobility in Africa".

Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics): "Migration and Cultural Change".

Alan Manning (London School of Economics): "Immigration: Theory, Evidence, and Policy".

Michael Vlassopoulos (University of Southampton),"Mixing in Early Childhood: Evidence from Syrian Refugees in Turkey".

Francesco Fasani (Queen Mary, University of London), "Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe".

Christopher W. Blair (University of Pennsylvania): "Forced Displacement and Asylum Policy in the Developing World".

Zoom link: register here.


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