M.A. in Health Economics


The master's degree program in Health Economics offers a multidisciplinary preparation in the field of health economics, health law, management of companies and public or private institutions and tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic and economic policy choices.
This preparation allows the graduate to know how to manage relations with the public administration and to know the functions and business processes concerning the supply of health goods and services.
At the end of the course, graduates can hold top positions in direct support of the general manager or the administrative director or manager of public or private health companies and of companies involved in the health sector, in the management of the functions and processes typical of healthcare companies in organizations and national and international institutions dealing with health policy, in public or private, national or international research institutions.
The study plan includes 5 areas of study:
- study of the political economy of the health sector
- study of specific accounting and management techniques in the healthcare sector
- in the field of law the theoretical tools and concepts are provided
- learning methods and tools for quantitative analysis
- finally, the ability to assess the impact that the habits and lifestyles of individuals or entire communities can have on public health is offered by the study of subjects in the medical area such as hygiene and epidemiology.

Study plan, registration requirements and timetable on the Sapienza website: M.A. Health Economics


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