Federico Caffe' Lectures

This series of annual lectures was initiated to honour the memory of Federico Caffè. They are jointly sponsored by the Department of  Economics and Law  at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where Caffè held a chair from1959 to 1987, and the Bank of Italy, where he served for many years in different positions.


Discovering Federico Caffè

Cambridge University Press Series


Lectures 2017: 15 e 16 Novembre 2017 ore 16:00 aula V Facoltà di Economia

Lectures 2016: 13 e 14 Dicembre 2016 ore 16:00 aula V Facoltà di Economia

Past Lectures

Lezioni 2015:   Paul De Grauwe (London School of Economics) "Legacy of The Eurozone crisis and the future of the euro"  Slides
Lezioni 2014:   Jordi Galì (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)
Lezioni 2013:   David Soskice (London School of Economics) Lecture1  Lecture2
Lezioni 2012:   Mario Draghi  (President of ECB)   Lecture    Photo1    Photo2    Photo3    Photo4

Lezioni 2011:   Willem H. Buiter  (Chief Economist, Citigroup)   Lecture1    Lecture2

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