Workshop 23/02/2022: PhD in Economics

PhD in Economics - Workshop 2022

23 Feb 2022

Sala delle lauree (Presidenza building)

Online at

Link: PhD programs


9 - 9,30 PhD Committee: Welcome


9,30 – 11,30

Alessandro Ferracci: Essays on interbank networks

Sara D'Andrea: Essays on the Determinants of Economic Growth

Costanza Giannantoni: Essays in Applied Economics

Gabriella De Sario: Citizens' attitudes towards climate mitigation policies: the role of occupational exposure

Cecilia Nardi: Climate-induced conflicts and migration in Western Africa

Marta Maria Pisa: The transmission channels of temperature shock in Eurozone


11,45 – 13,30

Fabrizio Renzi: Fiscal policy and uncertainty

Milos Ciganovic: Nowcasting the evolution of inflation using high frequency data

Frantisek Masek: Makeup Monetary Policy Regimes in the ELB proximity: Stress test of heterogeneity

Lorenzo Marchetti: Cds dynamics: a tale of two orthogonal shocks

Giulio Tarquini: Financial Frictions, R&D & Monetary Policy

Federica Vassalli: (online) Monetary policy and financial markets: an empirical essay on non-conventional linkages


15,00 – 17,00

Gabriele Palomba: Earnings Gaps between Regulated and Unregulated Wokers along the Distribution: Evidence from Italy

Alessia Marrocco: OSH in Italy and the ISI calls: an impact evaluation of INAIL's policy

Francesca Subioli: Inter-temporal income polarization (with P. Van Kerm)

Lorenzo Tonni: (online) Personal income distribution and the endogeneity of the demand regime

Francesco Colcerasa: Inequality of Opportunity and Economic Growth

Massimo Aprea: Past earnings’ dynamics of consumption-poor households in Italy: persistent hardship or transitory fluctuations?


17,30 – 18,30

Maurizio Mostacci: The effect of macroprudential policies on asset price bubbly components

Federico D’Amario: Forecasting cryptocurrencies realized volatility: a LASSO-VAR and sentiment analysis approach

Luigi Di Vetta: Inequality and Housing

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