Workshops aa 2015-2016

Esthetics Workshop - Topology of Common Sense

Faculty Sponsor: prof. Stefano Velotti
Student Coordinator: Andrea D’Ammando

In this seminar – organized in collaboration with the “CiEG” association (“Emilio Garroni international Chair”, – we invite speakers and participants to re-think the notion of “common sense” in relation to some of its already conceptually articulated meanings (from Aristotle to Vico, from Kant to Arendt, from Gramsci to Bion etc.).
We would also link the idea of “common sense” to some of its places traditionally dedicated to its formation: from public squares and institutions to universities, museums, and theaters; from the media to art, from different kinds of associations to personal relationships etc. In this sense, we have proposed the theme of a “topology of commons sense”.
The research on the structure and nature of common sense could open new perspectives on the elusive and very tangible idea of culture, in some of its non secondary declinations. In the meantime, it could shed some light on the possibility of transforming “the mind of  the citizens” in the nation-state or in other kinds of communities, on its inertia, its sudden breakdowns and its slow sedimentation, on consent and dissent, on the formation of public opinion and its deformation or dissolution.
For each meeting, we will post (on an abstract of the lecture and a bibliography, in order to allow a better participation.

Program 2016

    12 aprile: Garroni interprete di Kant, Dario Cecchi e Silvia Petronzio
    19 aprile: Garroni teorico della creatività, Martino Feyles e Elisa Binda
    3 maggio: Garroni teorico del paradosso: una riflessione sulle arti,  Angela Maiello e Andrea D’Ammando
    10 maggio: Immagine, Linguaggio, Figura, Stefano Velotti

Aula XII - ore 16,30

Ethics Workshop

Faculty sponsors: Proff. Piergiorgio Donatelli, Caterina Botti, Simone Pollo
Student coordinator: Miranda Boldr

The Ethics Workshop seeks to explore philosophical reflection on ethics from the perspective of the pluralism of normative agendas and theoretical languages, across a variety of issues: foundational themes, questions of human nature seen in the dimensions of the everyday and common life, philosophical psychology, social ethics, bioethics and issues concerning the non human world and the environment, as well as the study of the history of ethics as the source of new genealogies of contemporary problems. The Workshop privileges the analytical style in philosophy, with the aim to foster a dialogue among independent critical approaches (such as the ethical liberalism of J.S. Mill and John Rawls, Martha Nussbaum’s capability approach, Amartya Sen’s anti-transcendentalism, care ethics, feminist theory and gender studies, Stanley Cavell’s moral perfectionism, Cora Diamond’s Wittgensteinian conceptual approach, Michel Foucault’s perspective on the technologies of the self, recent forms of ethical naturalism) with different disciplines such as the natural sciences, law, political theory, cognitive science, and the social sciences.

Program 2015-2016

    24/11/2015 (Aula XI, 17.30-19.30): Sarin Marchetti (University College Dublin), William James: metafilosofia, etica e vita morale
    01/12/2015 (Aula XI, 17.30-19.30): Miranda Boldrini (Sapienza Università di Roma), Punto di vista scientifico e oggettività in etica. Prospettive critiche
    15/12/2015 (Aula XI, 17.30-19.30): Giacomo Gambaro (Sapienza Università di Roma), Monique Wittig: al di fuori del sesso/genere
    20/01/2016 (Aula XI, 16.00-18.00): Magda Faoro (Sapienza Università di Roma), Corpo, vulnerabilità e umano tra Judith Butler e Adriana Cavarero
    27/01/2016 (Aula II, 16.00-18.00): Matteo Falomi (University of Essex), Il problema del moralismo nell'etica contemporanea   

Evolution & Cognition Workshop

Faculty Sponsors: prof. Elena Gagliasso
Student Coordinator: Diego Antonio De Simone

Organization of:
Lectures and seminars on philosophical and scientific topics, held by prominent scholars, with a special consideration to biological and cognitive perspectives. The main aim is that of encouraging interdisciplinary research in philosophy of science, and especially of life sciences: one-day seminars on a single topic, approached from various perspectives, will also be organized.
Seminars held by young researchers, with a twofold purpose: promoting their work, and making it accessible to the wider scholarly world.
Seminars in which PhD candidates present their work to colleagues, academics and researchers.

Program 2015-2016

    16 ottobre 2015: Carmela Morabito, Epigenetica e plasticità cerebrale
    23 ottobre 2015: Presentazione di Sergio Bucchi e Saverio Forestiero del libro Psicologia animale ed evoluzione nel secolo di Darwin di Federico Morganti.
    20 novembre 2015: Presentazione di Barbara Continenza e Marcello Buiatti del volume di Paradigmi "Natura e conoscenza" a cura di Elena Gagliasso e Fabio Sterpetti
    27 novembre 2015: Francesco Bianchini e Giuseppe Morlino, Evoluzione, cognizione e approcci sintetici: teoria e pratica delle tecniche evolutive.

II° semester - Aula X ore 14.30-16.30

    23 marzo 2016: Maria Conforti-Silvia Caianiello-Luca Tonetti-Simone Guidi, Le macchine del nostro corpo: antiche e nuove alleanze tra macchina e organismo
    13 aprile 2016: Stefano Velotti-Francesco Restuccia-Fiorenza Lupi, Forme di vita, forme di tecnica
    27 aprile 2016: Felice Cimatti-Elisa Binda-Giacomo Salerno, Corpi, mondo, tecnica
    18 maggio 2016: Bernardino Fantini-Matteo Mossio-Alessandra Passariello-Sara Campanella, Macchine imperfette: da strumento euristico a ostacolo epistemologico
    22 giugno 2016: Ignazio Licata-Nicole Dalia Cilia-Mattia Della Rocca-Valentina Trombetta, Understanding by building: la complessa relazione tra naturale e artificiale


History of Philosophy Workshop

Faculty Sponsors: prof. Anna Lisa Schino
Student Coordinator: Manuel Mazzetti

The History of Philosophy Workshop covers topics and methodological approaches in the history of philosophy from Antiquity to the present day.

Program 2015-2016

    8 febbraio 2016, ore 11-13 Auletta di Dipartimento: Francesco Fronterotta, Il fuoco nelle cosmologie antiche
    7 marzo 2016, ore 10-12 Auletta di Dipartimento: Francesco Verde, Il ‘De igne’ di Teofrasto
    1 aprile 2016, ore 10-12 Auletta du Dipartimento: Luisa Valente - Cesare Musatti, Discussioni medievali intorno al fuoco: cosmologia ed escatologia
    25 maggio 2016, ore 17,30-19,30 Aula XI, Tullio Gregory, ‘Translatio linguarum’. Il problema della traduzione nella storia della filosofia
    16 giugno 2016, ore 14,30-17,30 Aula X, Giornata di studio su ‘Fervidus ignis’: discorsi sul fuoco tra Cinque e Seicento
    17 giugno 2016, intera giornata, Aula X,  Giornata di studio su ‘Fervidus ignis’: discorsi sul fuoco tra Cinque e Seicento

Neuroethics and Social Cognition Workshop

Faculty Sponsors: prof. Alessandra Attanasio
Student Coordinator: Giulio Azzolini

The Workshop is the result of the integrated activities of the three Departments that established the Laboratory NeuCoS (, Philosophy (supervisor A. Attanasio), Psychology (supervisor S. Puglisi Allegri), Biology and Biotechnology Charles Darwin (supervisor Alberto Oliverio).
The interdisciplinary exchange between scholars of human sciences and neurosciences aims to an improved investigation of the complex issues related to the brain, intelligence, affective cognition, and social cognition. Together with the latest discoveries in neuroscience, these issues have given rise to Neuroethics, a new discipline between ethics and neuroscience, which deals with problems that would be difficult to understand separately with the tools of philosophy and neuroscience.
Meetings are held in the 1st and the 2nd semester. They are structured in two parts: 1) lecture; 2) discussion with participants. At the end of each semester participants are encouraged to form discussion groups, which should give rise to papers or power point presentations to be discussed in the class.

Social Philosophy Workshop

Faculty sponsor: Prof. Virginio Marzocchi, dott. Andrea Salvatore
Student coordinator: Giorgio Astone

The seminar sets out to thematize a few crucial issues of social philosophy to explore both their theoretical relevance and their politic-juridical effects: how subjectivity is conceived; the processes whereby it is formed; the ways in which fluid and multifarious social normativity relates to the more formal and less flexible normativity of law; how to determine/think of the social and to account for its constitutive elements; the relationship between sociology and social philosophy. These are themes that allow investigating, both theoretically and meta-theoretically, the grammar of the social as an object of inquiry (in what way it is accessible, what it is and how it should be thought) as well as a point of departure for political and legal reflection. In doing so, the distinct sessions will focus on basic themes of social-philosophical and political-theoretical thinking, such as the concepts of action, subject, rule, normativity, institution, differentiation, in an ongoing interdisciplinary exchange with disciplines (like sociology and anthropology) which, from different angles, provide alternative readings of politics, law, and society.

Program 2015-2016

    17 febbraio 2016: Giorgio Astone, Acceleration Theory: fondamenti filosofici e prospettive critiche
    2 marzo 2016: Giovanni Cogliandro, Il conflitto tra i paradigmi della ragione pubblica
    metà marzo 2016 circa: Olivia Guaraldo, [titolo da definire]
    6 aprile 2016: Stefano Bancalari, Fenomenologia e pornografia
    20 aprile 2016: Michele Spanò, Qualche ipotesi su E.P. Thompson e il diritto
    4 maggio 2016: Emanuele Iula, Butler erede di Foucault
    18 maggio 2016: Massimo De Carolis, Tra pluralismo e rifeudalizzazione: l’ordine sociale dopo la crisi del neoliberalismo

Sessions will take place at 15.00 – Room 222. Schedule changes and variations will be announced on this webpage.


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