Department of Philosophy


  Founded in 2010 when the Department of Philosophical and Epistemological Studies merged with the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Pedagogical Researches, the Sapienza Department of Philosophy currently has fifty full-time faculty members and ten employees in the administrative section. The Department also has many young researchers (Post-PhD, PhD, etc.) as it is provides both a rich PhD Program in Philosophy and two Masters Degree Programmes in “Practical Ethics and Bioethics” and “Creative Documentary Aesthetics and Practices.”
  The Department, which on average has about 300 students, offers courses for both undergraduates and graduates. There also is an International Masters Programme on the Philosophy of German Idealism, organized in collaboration with the University of Jena (Germany) and the University of Padua (Italy). Students are constantly involved in department activities and in activities and events in other university structures as well as in cultural exchanges with other Universities in Europe, thanks to the many bilateral agreements signed by Sapienza University through the Erasmus Plus Programme.
  Graduate and PhD students can enjoy the vast range of material available in the Library of Philosophy as well as by attending seminars, conferences and courses organized by important internal Institutions: the ‘E. Castelli’ Institute of Philosophical Studies, the Informatics Laboratory and the NeuCoS Laboratory. Other structures like the ‘Gentile Foundation’ and the ‘ILIESI-CNR’ also collaborate with our department to expand areas and perspectives for philosophical research.
  Undergraduate and graduate students can take courses in different areas of the history of philosophy (including special seminars such as ‘Research Group on Cartesianism’) as well as in other philosophical fields (theoretical studies, ethics/bioethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, political philosophy, history of science). The PhD Programme in Philosophy regularly and permanently provides cycles of seminars and conferences open to the participation of Italian and international scholars.
  The Department of Philosophy is located on two floors at ‘Villa Mirafiori’ (Via Carlo Fea 2, Roma), a private residence built at the end of XIX century and bought by Sapienza-University in 1975, with a wonderful park that in some occasions hosts cultural events.

Head of the Department: Prof. Stefano Petrucciani
Department Administrator: Dr. Anna Vigorito

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