Digital Innovation in Architecture and Engineering


Two-day open talks to be held on the Impact of digitalization, hybrid realities, automation and communication technologies on civil engineering and architecture.
This marks the kick-off meeting of the Project IRIS: Inspection, maintenance and security pursued by innovative Robots, enhanced data communication and Infrastructure digital twinS

Funded by the Nato Science for Peace and Security, the IRIS project aims to develop novel concepts for the proposed technological platforms,
the sensor modalities and the data analysis techniques. The development of procedures for the use of robots and automatic systems and their integration with standard SHM deployment will go a step beyond the current state-of-art in this specific field with relevant practical outcomes, especially due to a spread use of the proposed approach for several types of different structures.

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Where: Fontanella Borghese
When : 24-25 November, 2021
Info: Prof. Vincenzo Gattulli



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