Matteo Pezzulla, Geometry and Instabilities in Growing Shells

image of thin structures
Giovedì, 22 Dicembre, 2016

Thin structures such as plates and shells take advantage of their slenderness to achieve large shape changes in response to rather small stimuli. These phenomena occur over a wide range of length scales, from biological membranes to solar sails. In particular,
membranes change their shape in response to stimuli that induce a variation of the natural
curvature. I will briefly discuss how initial curvature dramatically affects shape
change by studying intrinsically flat geometries such as plates, cylinders, and cones.
Then, I will study how growth can break multiple symmetries simultaneously through
the buckling and snapping of spherical shells, discussing analogies and differences with
the pressure buckling of capsules. Finally, I will show how the classical problem of the
bistability of spherical shells can be revisited from a growth perspective.

Lecture by Matteo Pezzulla, Department of Mechanical Engineering Boston University, MA , USA
Biblioteca - Sala Ingegneria Geotecnica III piano del Chiostro, via Eudossiana 18, Roma
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