MMMS@DISG Hydrogels for bioprinting: chemical and mechanical aspects

Venerdì, 27 Gennaio, 2017

Cristina Colosi presenterà il prossimo seminario della serie Mechanics and Mathematics of (soft) Materials and Structures @ DISG.

Bioprinting is an emerging tool in life science research that consists in the use of 3D-printing technologies  to create 
living artificial constructs. This is achieved by the simultaneous deposition of living cells and hydrogels, used to mimic the
extracellular matrix (ECM). The role of ECM, both in native or artificial tissues, is not only that of mechanically supporting cells
in creating 3D structures, but it also bio-chemically influences cellular behavior in terms of adhesion, migration and protein
expression; additionally, it assists in regulating the diffusion of nutrients and waste products in and out of tissues.
Accordingly, the choice of appropriate hydrogel systems becomes crucial in the successful design of a bioprinting process.
Here, we discuss the evidence that  emerged during our reserach into  the influence of chemical and mechanical properties
of hydrogels on the behavior of bio-printed cells.

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