Seminar Series MMsMS @ DISG, Tuesday 17 May, Prof. Miles Rubin - Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Tuesday 17 May, Prof. Rubin will hold a seminar on: 
Modeling a smooth elastic-inelastic transition with a strongly objective numerical integrator needing no iteration

Large deformation evolution equations for elastic distortional deformation and isotropic hardening/softening have been developed that model a smooth elastic-inelastic transition for both rate-independent and rate-dependent response with no need for loading-unloading conditions. A novel special case is a rateindependent overstress model. Specific simplified constitutive equations are proposed that capture the main effects of elasticplastic and elastic-viscoplastic materials with only a few material parameters. Moreover, a robust and strongly objective numerical integrator for these simplified evolution equations has been developed which needs no iteration. Examples show the response of the rate-independent overstress model.

Where: Sala del Consiglio - Presidenza
Facoltà Ingegneria Civile e Industriale
Info: Jacopo Ciambella, Paola Nardinocchi

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