Stefano Vidoli, Quasi-static and dynamic actuation of multistable shells, Stefano Vidoli

Mercoledì, 16 Novembre, 2016

Mechanics and Mathematics of (soft) Materials and Structures @ DISG
A suitable anisotropy and the presence of prestresses can lead a
sufficiently curved shell to possess multiple distinct stable
configurations. Similar nonlinear effects recently raise a growing
scientific interest, ranging from the analysis of biological systems
to the design of morphing structures. After discussing the
production of simple prototypes for multistable shells, we focus
on the problem of their actuation.
In particular, the case of thin "bending dominated" shells is
examined, where the variations of elastic energy are quite small.
It is shown that the nonlinear problem of determining the shell
stable equilibria has a simple geometric interpretation, being
equivalent to the problem of finding all the points on a threedimensional
cone having minimal distance from a given point.
This simple interpretation has allowed to experimentally drive
the actual configuration of a multistable shell between its stable
equilibria avoiding any snap-through phenomenon.

Lecture by  Stefano Vidoli
Biblioteca – Sala Ingegneria Geotecnica
Venerdì 25 novembre, 11.30

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