On Tectonics in Architecture: between Aesthetics and Ethics

Giovedì, 21 Maggio, 2015

Following the successful experiences of the mini-symposiua already presented at the ICSA in 2010 and 2013, the TAAE’Roma 2015 workshop will bring together architects, engineers and mathematicians from all over the world, to give an heterogeneous look on  aspects of the art of building, focusing attention on interactions in mechanics, mathematics, structural and architectural design.

Although not limited to these topics, the content of the sessions will emphasise the following themes: theoretical issues, calculus and algorithms in architecture, various approaches to structural complexity. The workshop will also discuss developments concerning the importance of the Vitruvean firmitas, pointing out the risks arising when structural aspects are neglected.

Coordinatore: Patrizia Trovalusci - Segreteria


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