XXXII Congresso SISFA 2012


The XXXII Congress of The Italian Society of the Historians of Physics and Astronomy (SISFA), in collaboration with the Research Centre For Theory and History of Science (RCTHS) and the Faculty of civil and industrial engineering, Sapienza University of Roma starts on September 24. The congress is chaired by Danilo Capecchi and Raffaele Pisano. 
Special guestsAleandro Nisati, I.N.F.N. and ATLAS Experiments Physics Coordinator at Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to discuss recent discoveries concerning Higgs boson
Frank A. J. L. James, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, U.K., to deliver the Faraday Lecture.

Chiostro della Facoltà di ingegneria civile e industriale, Via Eudossiana 18
24-27 September 2012 

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