Welcome to the Department


Ours is an interfaculty teaching and research department, present both in the Faculty of Architecture (Via Gramsci, 53) and in the Faculty of Engineering (Via Eudossiana, 18).
Professor Achille Paolone, Head of Department, leads a vibrant team of faculty members, researchers, fellows and staff, with the interests of our students at the core of our activities.
We offer programmes to both undergraduate and graduate students. Facilities include  teaching, research, and experimental labs, computing labs equipped with the latest software and a specialised library to support teaching and state of the art research.

DISG faculty and research staff collaborate to make the department a leading centre for independent research and integrated projects, often in collaboration with other national and international universities and research centres.
Professional consultancy services are available for other institutions, companies and entrepreneurs.
Our research programmes coalesce around three main themes which represent our core strengths: Mechanics of solids and structures; Earthquake and structural engineering; Geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics.

The Department also hosts a series of seminars throughout the year to which you are invited. 

Please consult this map to locate us.


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